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Music is my life
Music is my life
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great video footage of Freequency Festival in Portugal

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nice one Eddie... have to share this for you. am liking the bit of Photoshopping
Here's my newest song 'Hey Mr Orange".
It's a fast paced rocker about you know who.
Here's the lyrics.........

"Hey Mr Orange we don't tolerate kings
We don't like dictators or any such things
We don't like Nazis or the KKK
This is the bastion of freedom it's the USA
Swamprat billionaires and eight deadly sins
Now our friends don't like us and Putin grins

Hey Mr Orange with the funny hair
A thin skinned man child who doesn't play fair
He's in an alternate reality with alternate facts
Lyin and a cheatin always on the attack
He's way too much he's over the top
Someone take his twitter away and make him stop

Ya got a lot of people marching in the street these days
They worry Democracy is slippin away
They got a lot of concerns better hear what they say
They are the real true patriots of the USA
They wont take it lightly they wont be layin down
We stand united feet firmly on the ground
We dont like Nazi's or the KKK
We are the real true patriots of the USA

Hey Mr Orange, Hey Mr Orange
Hey Mr Orange better hear what we say
Hey Mr Orange we ain't goin away"

Hey Mr Orange - words & music written & performed by Eddie Conlon. ©2017 Edward L Conlon. All rights reserved.

Photo credit - Unknown

#indierock #chicago #originalsong #newmusic

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This is wonderful

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Makes Perfect sense

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Love this live version of the song... thought to share this with you as it was a good find

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I find all of this of interest and am sure most information is just made up by people , but this video is quite a good explanation on talking of different Dimensions...... am sure space travel can be possible if scientists were to study all this

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Good video on Face creams and Natural products from Sarah Johnson

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10 Most Common Habits That Damage Your Kidneys

One of the most important body organs is the kidney, which means that we must keep this organ healthy and functioning all the time. In case someone has kidney
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