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Intro to Bluetooth LE (reminder: available in Android 4.3+ / API 18+)
Just posted to Styling Android: Bluetooth LE - Part 1

In the first article in a new series we look at why we may want to use Bluetooth LE in our apps, and look at some of the differences between traditional Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE.
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Android UI/UX (Re)Design Challenge 2.0 is here!

After so many inquiries and requests to make another design challenge after last years', I have managed to pull some of my awesome friends and sponsors to make the second one happen! 

Simple Rules
- Anyone can participate
- It can be a brand new app design or a redesign of an existing app
- Must have at least 5 screens and must provide comparison/explanation/justification on these screens
- You can post your work at Google+ as public post for discussion and remember to use these tags

#androiduiux   #androiddesign   #ADiA   

- Submission of the final entry must be sent to the email address androiduiux [at] gmail [dot] com (so I know which is the final entry if you have multiple revisions) by 18th April 2014
- The title of the email should be Entry for Android UI/UX (Re)Design Challenge 2.0
- Send me the link to the final entry in a public Google+ post (or any link that can be viewed publicly)
- I will then send you the confirmation email to acknowledge your design entry

With some sponsorships available, this time we are able to throw in a little bit more things for the 5 best entries! You can walk away with a Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto T-Shirt ( and a 10USD Google Play Store Gift Card!

Excited already? Start (re)design to enter the design challenge! Do help to spread around this if it's possible :)

For more details: 
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Nice past few days:
* Android Wear preview released, seems great! 
* Google Play services with great new stuff
* Java 8 released (finally!)
* Google Play music released in a bunch of new countries (including  Sweden!)
* Google  Play movies released in a bunch of new countries (including Sweden!)
* Google Play devices released in a bunch of new countries (including Sweden).

... and some other stuff like: IntelliJ IDEA 13.1, new versions of Android Studio (of course). Moto 360, best looking android wear? Did I miss something? Oh, direct evidence of gravitational waves from the very beginning of the universe.

#android   #anddev   #androidwear   #androiddev    #java  
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Why do people have to drop all the fun at once??
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Cute aren't we?
Scandinavian minions on ice
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Seems perfect, does what it does really well, "sketchy" mockups for multiple platforms, easy to use as well.
Spent a few hours mocking an Android screen with this tonight. I have to say it's streets ahead of Balsamiq. Like such as:

* Import images by URL or from IconFinder website
* Completely up-to-date Android components
* Properties and tools always present, by nice use of expanding/collapsing

Balsamiq's pretty good for the stock stuff it provides, but that's somewhat minimal and very skewed to early iOS. Once you have to go online to find community stencils, there's not much out there and importing it is buggy (ie often images are missing). It seems to be on life support unfortunately, so I'm glad to have discovered this.

Also, a little big detail I like is if you select multiple elements, it puts a single box around them all instead of keeping them selected individual.
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So what happened? Why is agile now about stand-ups, retrospectives, two-week iterations and planning poker?

A valid question!

Please read the full post, it's worth your time.

Some more nuggets:
The core problem is that non-technical managers of software projects will always fail, or at best be counter productive, whatever the methodology.

Because creating good software is so much about technical decisions and so little about management process, I believe that there is very little place for non-technical managers in any software development organisation.

with no understanding of software engineering, it [agile methodologies, W.R.] merely becomes a set of meaningless rituals that are mostly impediments and distractions to creating successful software.

Alas, no one will listen - again :-(
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Excellent summary from +Ian Lake regarding the good stuff in the Android support library v4 even if targeting Android 4.0+ (API 14+) only.
The other support library versions are left as an exercise ;-)

#anddev #androiddev
#AndroidDev  - 'Why should I use the support library if I target API 14+ devices?' - so many reasons. You'd be hard pressed to write a modern Android app without any of these classes.
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Haha, yup "fake shock". It's also easier to develop and maintain in addition to being easier for the users, faster and smaller size.


And then the official Instagram blog mentioned that by switching their app to more closely follow the Android guidelines and removing all the visual baggage they've ported over from [REDACTED] they ended up with an app that's twice the speed (at least on one screen they've mentioned explicitly) and half the overall binary size of what they've started from, and the entire Android blogosphere was in fake shock being all like...
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Some of those video clips (stairs) look just like result of the mapping probes from the movie Prometheus!
We are excited to announce a new project from ATAP, something that we have been working quietly on over the past year.

As we walk through our daily lives, we use visual cues to navigate and understand the world around us. We use our eyes to observe the size and shape of objects and rooms, and we learn their position and layout over time almost effortlessly . This awareness of space and motion is fundamental to the way we interact with our environment and each other.  We are physical beings that live in a 3D world. Yet, our mobile devices assume that physical world ends at the boundaries of the screen.

The goal of Project Tango is to give mobile devices a human-scale understanding of space and motion.

Our team has been working with universities, research labs, and industrial partners spanning nine countries around the world to harvest research from the last decade of work in robotics and computer vision, concentrating that technology into a unique mobile phone.  Now, we’re ready to put early prototypes into the hands of developers that can imagine the possibilities and help pull those ideas into reality. 

What if you never found yourself lost in a new building again?  What if directions to a new location didn’t stop at the street address? Imagine playing hide-and-seek in your house with your favorite game character. Imagine competing against a friend for control over physical space with your own miniature army.

We hope you will take this journey with us. We believe it will be one worth traveling.  To find out more, and apply for a development kit visit

The future is awesome. Let’s build it together.

-- Johnny Lee, and the ATAP Project Tango team
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Interesting, ART the default in the next version of Android?
That was faster than I expected! Commit pushes ART to the default.
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Ahh okay thanks 
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MSc CS&E, System Architect/Developer
  • Consat Telematics
    MSc CS&E, System Architect/Developer, 2009 - present
  • Consat Engineering
    2005 - 2009
  • Pilotfish Networks
    1999 - 2005
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Programmer by day & night and the family in between!
A runner and a computer and programming geek, currently mostly Java, Android, C++, C#, ... Black belt, 2 Dan, in martial arts, Bujinkan.

My own Android apps:
  • Flow Timer -One timer leads to the next, can repeat groups of them, for workouts etc
  • Yoga Timer -Specialised yoga version of Flow Timer
  • House alarm -Home alarm remote for certain models
Android apps in development:
  • Unannounced "secret" RTS Game
Bragging rights
2 Dan Bujinkan black belt. Commited code to Java 6. Best customer praise about delivered software: "Euphoric chock". Was in the Robocode top 3.
  • Chalmers
    M.Sc. Computer Science & Engineering, 1996 - 2000
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There is so much stuff to learn in so many areas. It is all very humbling. Sometimes you find an article, presentation, blog post, etc. that

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A plant-based diet has impressive benefits, including longer life

Recent findings indicate that instead of a meat-heavy diet, you're better off focusing on plants--whole grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits,

A plant-based diet has impressive benefits, including longer life

Recent findings indicate that instead of a meat-heavy diet, you're better off focusing on plants--whole grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits,

Barns hungercentrum påverkas under graviditet - Nyheterna -

Barn till mammor med fetma löper större risk att drabbas av välfärdssjukdomar, som övervikt och diabetes. Nu visar ny forskning att barnets

Jupiter on 20140104 in good seeing with Io and Ganymede

My fatal flaw in the past half dozen times out may have been lack of over-cooling and setting up too near to the warm house in the cold wint

Great food with a chef who seems to love what he is doing. Great menu, nice interior, and excellent service. Went back many times.
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