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So the new demo mode in System UI tuner in Android developer preview 2 is great for taking clean screenshots. It even does the customary "the current Android version as the clock time". Though that part has a flaw, 5.20pm with a 24h clock is 17.20... Should've used 5.20am
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Ouch yes. If holding meetings is a/the only way you can manage people, please reconsider.
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Ah great, self-driving cars confirmed as gifts at Google I/O 2015 ;)
We started designing the world’s first fully self-driving vehicle to transform mobility, making it easier, safer and more enjoyable for everyone to get around. Now we're ready for the next step of our project: this summer, our prototype vehicles will leave the test track and hit the familiar roads of Mountain View, California, with our safety drivers aboard. Learn more:
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i can't wait to see what this google invention will look& behave like in the real world
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Including proguard rules in published libraries, great! Next must have in all 3rd party libraries, I hope.
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Google Play services Split AARs now includes ProGuard rules
One of my favorite features in Google Play services 7.0 [1] as a developer is that the split AARs (i.e., play-services-gcm or play-services-wearable - see the full list [2]) now include the ProGuard exceptions needed. This means that there's no need to manually add ProGuard exceptions. This makes it that much easier to get started with Google Play services and one less thing for you to maintain going forward.

Want to do the same for your library? Use the consumerProguardFiles gradle DSL:
release {
    consumerProguardFiles 'proguard-rules.txt'
to embeds the given file(s) as 'proguard.txt' in the AAR. Those ProGuard exceptions then automatically get applied when an app sets minifyEnabled to true.

Note: this does not apply to the full play-services or play-services-all-wear AARs - only the granular AARs have this built in.

[1] -
[2] -

#AndroidDev   #googleplayservices   #gradle  
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Automatic translation of App's promo text... So much this. Just had this problem at work with Swedish myself. "... route tool..." translated to the equivalent of "...rotten tool"...
So on the topic of translating your Play Store listing: the promo text is auto translated if you don't localise it yourself, which often leads to funny app descriptions. In this case the translation of "no root requires" yields  "no carrot required" in Dutch. 

Depending on de weirdness of the auto translation it might be worthwhile to add translations to your store listing yourself.

My personal preference would be if the Play Store would either auto translate everything or nothing at all. There's a toggle for translating the main description and it would make sense to only translate the promo text if that option is selected as well.
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Material design in combination with Android 5+ APIs for shared element transitions etc (4.4 stuff was nice too) makes it way too much fun to program and experiment with app animations... Even for a non-designer. The hard part is cutting it down to mostly useful animations and balance the ones for delight. The best technical trick though? Easy and simple, increase the animation times and watch it in slow motion. You will discover stuff.

#anddev   #androiddev   #anddesign   #androiddesign
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Maybe. It's easy to get stuck solving/exploring non-essential(?) things. Though there is that "delight" feel which is [no reference needed?] especially obvious/important/selling point now in the beginning.
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Android M developer preview 2 is out, OTA update (I got it through system update) or download the entire image.

OTA link from my logcat for Nexus 6 if you don't have it available in your system update settings and want to do a manual OTA:
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Seriously,  we are able to do this? Wow. Dwarf planet Pluto passes in front of a (very) distant star and we can detect the ridiculously faint and fast moving shadow it casts on earth (and thereby analyse the spectra gettings us information about Pluto's atmosphere). Just wow. 
Just two weeks before our New Horizons spacecraft reaches Pluto, the SOFIA telescope happened to be in the Southern Hemisphere right as the dwarf planet passed between a distant star and the Earth. This special event will allow us to connect these remote observations to the flyby data of the New Horizons mission. Details: #PlutoFlyby 
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So Bill was all like...  let's help the wife out...

For the uninitiated:
POTUS = President Of The United States
FLOTUS = First Lady Of The United States (President's wife)
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I've totally missed this, Endomondo (since a month!) supports built in GPS in Android Wear, such as the one in Sony Smartwatch 3. I was considering leaving Endomondo because of the lack of standalone GPS support. Converting from Google MyTracks kmz files to gpx and then manually importing to Endomondo was less than ideal...

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Have you tried our Android Wear standalone app for the Sony SmartWatch 3? It's out now!
Android Wear fans, you asked and we listened. We are thrilled to introduce our very first standalone app for Android Wear!  Our standalone app for the Sony Smartwatch 3 lets you enjoy the benefits ...
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Reminder as the Nexus 6 Android 5.1 OTA zip is out:
1. Computer: adb reboot recovery
2. Phone: Hold power, press volume up once
3. Phone: Apply update from adb in menu
4. Computer: adb sideload

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Check på den - gjorde precis samma sak.
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More on shared transitions in android. Great stuff.
#androiddev #anddev
New blog post: Postponed Shared Element Transitions (part 3b)

 I've written about postponed shared element transitions on Google+ before, but this post goes into a bit more detail.

If you have any questions and/or suggestions, let me know in the comments. And thanks in advance to anyone who +1/reshares the post... really appreciate you all helping me get the word out! :)

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Great food with a chef who seems to love what he is doing. Great menu, nice interior, and excellent service. Went back many times.
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