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hmmm, must be a work by the blues. Trying to login to /intel I get: 
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Mattias Davidsson

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Whoops, spotify has been totally revamped... 

For better... or worse?

Anyway, just found:

(do spotify links no work anymore :(
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Always for worse the first days but when I get used to it I think I might like it.
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I might be a it behind... But what are those capsules?

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Thats.... Nice :-) 
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What? (trying to recreate post from a G+ bug)

So, people keep reving about +LastPass 

My experience with it after 15 minutes is no rave let me tell you. Went to tumblr and tried to change password. The experience was horrible. 

* I wanted to make a really long password, and did not want to remember it, BUT I had to type it twice, and copy-paste did not work.

* I got a pop up window suggesting to generate passwords, but wehre did it come from - from lastpass? If so, make it clearer.

* Browser lastpass-extension wanted me to save the password, but it turned out to be the wrong one, so the wrong one was saved

The end result was that that I had NOOOO idea what the password was, it was not the old one, and I did not know what the new one was

This should be made much more clearer and simpler +LastPass 

So, now I reset the password using gmail. Lets try again...
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So, a major bug is now floating around here on g+... 

This posting was something completely different up until five seconds ago when I pressed "edit this post" and a blank window appeared. A window in which I wrote "What?" and pressed enter. Original message gone

#bugreport   #googleplus  +Google+ 
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Change passwords NOW, or not really now?

So in the linked article it is stated that one should change the passwords (on the enlisted sites) RIGHT NOW

And others say one should wait until it is clear that the sites did take the necessary actions. 

Am I do interpret this as that the mashable took into account the above "fact" when compiling the list - or should I wait?

#heartbleed   #heartbleedbug  
A look at which companies have issued a security patch to fix the Heartbleed bug.
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Have him in circles
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Mattias Davidsson

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Lyssna på Barbro! En av våra elever. 

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Mattias Davidsson

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Ads in your gmail, not new of course, but kind of anyway...

At least to me.
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Uppenbarligen har jag för tråkiga avsändare för jag har aldrig sett det i min inkorg
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Mattias Davidsson

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One of the few things more pathetic than the people in any of the TV shows featuring home made movies of idiots, are the people in the "panels" commenting the idiots in question.
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Mattias Davidsson

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New editing features in G+

Or just a new interface... 

+Niclas Hallgren 
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Don't think so, it's just the interface. 
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So, I and +Shaun Snee  did NOT understand the text correctly above? Were nobody basically able to get the mails from the university google apps installation? I thought the whole point was that the gmail (personal gmail and not gapps) blocked the incoming mails from the university IP. If that is the case I can not understand how it would not be possible to find the mails in the google apps on campus. Or is the description wrong from the campus technicians on the blogpost?
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Have him in circles
4,983 people
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ICT in edu Researcher, Physics teacher, Teacher trainer, skeptic and dad
ICT in education: Google apps, free web-tools, collaborative learning, mobile learning, embodied learning. Implementation of 1-1 in school. Physics: Teaching and high energy physics.
  • Linnaeus University
    Researcher, 2011 - present
    Working as a teacher at the department of media-technology. Teaching the scientific method, as well as teachers education when it comes to ICT-integration into the classroom (or outside of it) and physics. Also working at the physics department with teacher training. Also doing research in the field of ICT in education in general and physics education in particular.
  • Folkuniversitetet
    Teacher in physics, mathematics and the scientific method, 2003 - 2011
    Worked as a high school teacher in Helsingborg at Naturhumanistiska gymnasiet, later renamed Johannes Hedberggymnasiet. Best crew, bewt high-school. Ever.
  • Lunds Universitet
    Phd, 1996 - 2001
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ICT researcher, particle physicist, skeptic and all in all swell guy
Mattias Davidsson here. Yes that is me. I am the one. Perhaps not only. But still the one particle physicist, skeptic, media technology researcher, father of Lukas and more.

At the moment I am writing a series of articles on Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) - the claimed effectiveness and the evidence for - different technologies and methodologies. It will be found under #TELblog 

Recently I got to chat with some of my all-time favourite ICT/EdTech people Jeff Lebow and Dave Cormier in a hangout on air about how Google glass and wearable computers can potentially transform education.

You can see it here. Feel free to start the discussion from the beginning, I enter at around 1.25
Bragging rights
Learned how to put a nail up my nose from Jakob Hellman, and I did not leave facebook long before it was cool not to leave facebook
  • Väggaskolan
  • Lunds Universitet
    Physics, 1992 - 2002
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#TELblog #1 - The evidence for Technology Enhanced Learning

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Man FÅR inte ha servering utan toaletter. Inte ens om man hänvisar till en tennishall flera hundra meter bort. Extra mycket gäller det om denna tennishall är stängd samtidigt som serveringen är öppen. För små barnportioner men helt ok kaffe. Glutenfria våfflor finns, vilket ger en extra stjärna här. Men återigen - hur många säsonger skall man kunna hänvisa till att kommunen lovat ställa dit en bajamaja? Vem äger stället? Vems är ansvaret?
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Köper man mat för drygt hundra kronor på avhämtning borde man kunna förvänta sig en gnutta sallad av något slag. Man borde kunna förvänta sig att den sötsura såsen till de tråkigt friterade sunkiga räkorna skall smaka sött och surt. Inte att den skall smaka gammal tomatjuice. Vore det helt fel att slänga med en liten påse med soja? Ruskigt trist. Sunkhak i ordets sämsta bemärkelse.
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Billigt gott kaffe med gratis påtår och trevlig miljö. Goda, matiga, iofs inte så billiga baguetter man själv får välja fyllning till, men gott om alternativ finns. Uteservering på baksidan.
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Som en sämre skolbespisning
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Fint, gott, vackert. Dock lite dyrt. Vid vårt besök trevlig konstutställning med bla M Pyk. Det man tänker på är dock att det borde gå att göra så mycket mer med stället. Framförallt för barn. Lite djur i närheten skulle man kanske kunna visa upp. Öppna upp för att nå ned till sjön hade varit super. Potentialen är så mycket mer än vad man gör av det för tillfället.
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