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On the latest news from Munich that they are thinking of leaving Linux behind to return to Microsoft Windows, I guarantee you that this did not happen in a vacuum. It was certainly pushed there by Microsoft interests. I hear enough of the goings on of things in Munich to know that there is still that element in the picture there.

Now, even if Munich stays with Linux (which I suspect ultimately they will), those Microsoft interests will have achieved their goal: fear, uncertainty and doubt around Munich's Linux success.

Not a single publication will carry the non-story "Munich stays with Linux after nothing happens after they say they might be leaving Linux". Damage done.

See how this works?

Maybe Free software advocates should go around ensuring that every Microsoft-using organization which is considering Linux gets a press release. Who cares if they actually make the move, obviously the goal is simple FUD, right?

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Maanantaina 26.5. Tampereella Apps4Pirkanmaa-lanseeraus. Pääpalkintona kussakin sarjassa 1500 €. 

Maanantaina ohjelmassa mm. Open Digitraffic (liikenteen sujuvuustiedot), älynysse, joukkoliikennedatat ja -käyttötilastot, Apps4Pirkanmaa-kilpailu ja liikennedatan visualisointihaaste.

Saa osallistua!

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"(Yksityisyyden) oikeuksista on aina helppo luopua, mutta niiden takaisin saaminen onkin toinen juttu."

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Tamperelaiset menestyivät Apps4Finland-kisassa. Onnea kaikille palkituille! Ja kiitos omasta puolestani! :)

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10 000 developers from 1 000 companies have contributed to Linux kernel! And some still think that it's only made by amateur hobbyists.
Linux rate of development: 10,000 patches per release, 7.14 changes per hour and 70-day release cycles. #Linux

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Milloin Suomessa ensimmäinen merkittävä julkisen toimijan siirtyminen Linux-työpöytään?
Ranskan poliisi siirtyy avoimeen lähdekoodiin. Ensi kesänä käytössä 72 000 työpöytä-Linuxia.

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Prizes worth nearly 10 000 €! Create an app, visualize data, share your idea or concept... Deadline Oct 27, so act soon!
Innovate new ideas to utilize open data and participate in Apps4Pirkanmaa Challenge!

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For all the visual learners out there.

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