Jonathan Svedberg writes:

I built a Screw advance Dovetail jig heavily inspired from your jigs.
I took your screw advance concept and combined it with the table saw dovetail jig and here is the result. One jig that can make the pins and the tales in boards up to 60mm wide. It can also do box joints. It has some potential for improvements but it works for me. I have ordered a special blade that have 8mm teeth that are set at 10 degrees for the tail part. The jig is turned 180 degrees to do the other half of the tales.

You can do the tales first and then a testpice for the pins but when you have worked it out you can do multiple pieces with the same setup and get repeatable results.

The setup is not as easy as box joints but its big dovetails without touching a chisel.

Many thanks for the inspiration.
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