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site update: Next FOSDEM: 4 & 5 February 2017 - FOSDEM 2017 will take place at ULB Campus Solbosch on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 February 2017.

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OpenStack DACH Day 2016:

Finally! We've secured a date and a location.

The next OpenStack DACH Day will be on Saturday, November 5 in Berlin-Neukölln at the OSZ IMT.

Preparations are under way, please mark your calendar and watch this space for further updates!


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Mit Schwung auf den Daumen gehauen?
Lieber Petr,
na klar können wir darüber diskutieren. Fangen wir der Einfachheit halber doch bei Dir an:
"Bystron wuchs in der Tschechoslowakei auf. 1987, als er 16 Jahre alt war, flohen seine Eltern mit ihm nach Deutschland und beantragten politisches Asyl." (Wikipedia)
Wenns Dir also um eine "verstärkte Rückführung statt aussichtsloser Integrationsbemühungen" geht, führ Dich einfach selber rück.

Lorenz Meyer
Vorsitzender Guru

Quelle bzw. weiterführende Links:
Post der "Junge Alternative Bayern": Wikipedia-Eintrag Petr Bystron:
Routenplaner (für Petr):

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so I wrote up my thoughts on this whole #snappy thing long-form:

summary: snappy is +Canonical's attempt to build an app-store like mechanism for Linux. It is not remotely 'done' yet, in the sense their PR claims it is. It does not have anything like the cross-distribution buy-in their PR heavily claims it has. It is not going to replace apt or dnf. The packages for other distributions are half-assed and have half the claimed features of snappy disabled. Canonical made no bona fide attempt to build consensus behind their system before issuing a press release claiming it was all ready to take over the world. There is a competing system, #flatpak , which arguably has greater cross-distro buy-in at this point (though really, neither system has any significant support outside of its sponsors). But sure, aside from that, it's all true!

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From the guys monitoring your keystrokes on Windows 10...

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I don't share passwords between services, and I use 2-factor auth on Twitter. But man, this is getting monotonous.

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Interesting idea
Hilarious and sad.. Also predictable. Pulling code from random git repos (and package systems are little more than that) is not a sustainable practice. It will die. 

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Maybe this will solve the question, how the world could ever exist without selfie sticks?

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