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Looks very nice. But you'll be struggling to shift it with paid only. I suggest doing a free version with in app billing upgrades. People really want to find out what they're buying before buying.
+Matthias Robbers Yes you're right. But most people aren't aware of that. And even if they are they will be put off by committing to a transaction to see if they like it or not...

If it was free and it looked really good, then I started playing about with the options only to find I had to pay for being able to customise it then I would happily pay twice what you're charging.

It's always hard to get the balance right. But if you want people to pay before they use then you have to rely on exceptional marketing. Better to let users experience a portion of what you've created before asking them for money.
+Eurig Jones Generally, I also prefer in-app purchases. Timely by +Bitspin is a good example. However, with this app, I could not think of a good "premium" feature and ads did not make sense either. But I will definitely consider it for future apps.
I understand that ads are a "no-go" for some apps / widgets / wallpapers. But for something like what you're doing here, being able to charge more for customisation is essential.

You've clearly spent a LOT of time doing this and you want to see some success. Seriously if you're banking on people just paying for it outright you will have a big disappointment. 
You could have make two or three themes available for free, and then unlock full customization with an in-app purchase.
I disagree, I actually find that strategy annoying. If I don't think an app is worth buying, I'm certainly not going to be interested in buying the ability to make it blue.
I dig your app man, just nabbed it for the Nex4. So, whatever your cut of 99 cents is, it's coming your way via Google Wallet. I really hope that kinda money doesn't change you...
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