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I have a Development VM running CentOS 6.7 minimial install, I have the openldap package installed but it will not remove due to dependencies. It's wanting to remove around 200 other packages including: curl, httpd, vsftpd. It fails with this: "Error: Trying to remove "yum", which is protected"

Does anyone know why these are dependencies to openldap?
And how do I remove the openldap package?
RedHat docs say not to, so what actions can I take?
Has anyone else run into these issues?
How do you handle removing packages from a system?

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Excellent #sysadmin talk by +Shawn Sterling , Thank You!

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Yay only 1 more week!!

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Working on learning Chef.

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LDAP Client on CentOS 6.6 failing, anyone know how to fix??

I have a CentOS 6.6 (minimal) with openldap client setup I can login and all seems to be working correctly except for the part. I'm getting the following error for all of my ldap users.

Creating directory '/home/myakel'.
Unable to create and initialize directory '/home/myakel'.
Last login: Tue Dec 30 10:34:42 2014 from
Could not chdir to home directory /home/myakel: No such file or directory
-bash-4.1$ whoami

I found this bug but the my configs are set as btimm advised under the notes section.
my /var/log/secure is showing the following.

Dec 30 10:36:57 dbbackup03 sshd[26123]: pam_unix(sshd:auth): authentication failure; logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty=ssh ruser= rhost= user=myakel Dec 30 10:36:57 dbbackup03 sshd[26123]: Accepted password for myakel from port 49972 ssh2 Dec 30 10:36:57 dbbackup03 mkhomedir_helper: PAM unable to create directory /home/myakel: Permission denied Dec 30 10:36:57 dbbackup03 sshd[26123]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session opened for user myakel by (uid=0) Dec 30 10:36:57 dbbackup03 sshd[26123]: error: ssh_selinux_setup_pty: security_compute_relabel: Invalid argument

I'm not sure about the sshd failure because it is letting the user in just not creating the home dir. Also SELINUX is set to "disabled" on this server we do not use it internally. If anyone knows a work-a-round or a fix for this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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++ Great approach to teaching.
I would have never expected 8000 views of my TEDx talk. Thanks to everyone who spent a few minutes listening to the story of our 1:1 laptop project and student tech apprenticeship program! #opensource   #linux   #edtech  

Enabling students in a digital age: Charlie Reisinger at TEDxLancaster

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I have an issue when implementing TLS, it works until I turn on the TLS, it acts like it is not accepting the certificates. Can you advise?
Dear Sr Chul, Thanks for your interest of share their knowledge about this topic, very interesting and easy to understand

Thanks again and Regards

Luz Marina Carvajal G

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Shot my first wedding with my canon 6D, here's quick video that I grabbed. 

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I am soo getting one of these!!
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