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This game looks amazing! 

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This new L16 camera by Light looks wild. It has 16 cameras inside and the company says it's confident this is how cameras will be built in the future.

10 of these 16 cameras fire to create an image - which ones depends on various conditions. It's a very interesting concept, to say the least.

Shipping late summer 2016 (so they say).

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Need help! Google play services is killing my battery. 

Running latest build on Nexus 5 ( Hammerhead), having issues with the signal dropping. Noticed from the first boot, took a few minutes to recognize the SIM card (Insert SIM). Now running nearly for 22 hours, every once in a while I will notice the signal is completely lost, never had this issue with Stock ROM. Drop time can last at most 30 seconds, not a major issue but I am worrisome. Also the signal seems to have troubles in areas where I know are stable LTE areas that I have never had issues before. Hope this was detailed enough.

Long-time PA user  

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+Jesse Spangenberger Get yourself a spare one.

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+Jesse Spangenberger This is how I feel the past few days....

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Here we are +Paranoid Android January's end. I am turning into a pumpkin tonight at midnight ;).
Status Update
OK folks, all of us understand things going quite slowly and silent so i want to clear a few things out for the good of the community.

So, as you know we are mainly students or workers so life brings up some priorities and is not easy as it sounds. Anyway, i understand you need an ETA, i'm giving you one today. We're looking to make all devices functionals, we had some issues on blobs side and sensors with a few devices. Greatly, major ones have been sorted out (for mako and hammerhead, N4 and N5 respectively). As long as other tunings and blobs are finished we should have a fully working devices set. You may don't know it, but we mantain our own blobs with our own scripts that recently we finalised and made really easy to use (shots cookies to +Evan Anderson and +Valter Strods). 

Hmm, what else? Oh yea, ETAs. I can say you'll see a good non-AOSP-only build before January ends. That doesn't means full of features but with some good little goodies and great improvements over the AOSP codebase, within nice fixes to make the user see less bugs all around, some due to AOSP faults too.

tl;dr We're working on a future release before January end.

What else, oh  #StayParanoid  right? :)

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