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Post has attachment Only 216 donors give 68% of superPAC funds AND OWN CONGRESS. Buy it back ($0.00 paid if goal isn't met). What political causes matter to you? This is why those battles are so hard to fight! Don't let 216 donors build the future my kids (and your kids) will inherit #maydayPAC @MayOneUs @Lessig#rootstrikers Happy Independence Day!

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Dear internet: can you please identify this painting (from a blurry portion of a scanned old photo with a poster print in the background)?

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Dear Google+,
I'm sorry that we were not able to get to know each other better. You seem to have some nice qualities. However, we got off on the wrong foot with your (to my value system) misguided True Name policies. I have trouble enough maintaining my prior relationships with information firehoses and so have not been able to spend much time with you. I am no longer pretending that I plan to change that state. Perhaps we'll cross paths on Twitter (@MatthewWickline).
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