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Enjoying Linux Mint 18.1 Cin. edition on my Laptop. Only tried out KDE Neon 5.8 for a few days but I am kinda missing it. Im not a "huge" KDE fan but man its smooth in Neon.

I have had the same thought for the last 3 months! What Linux Distro do I want to run full time. Im sick of Distro hopping. Please give me your opinion. Only Ubuntu Flavors.

1. Linux Mint(Cin)
2. ElementaryOS
3. KDE Neon

I cannot decided. I just want to be on a Stable OS that is going to be continually advancing. Currently on LM 18.1 cin.
#distro, #LinuxMint #ElementryOS #KDENeon.

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Magic Force 68 with brown clones and Custom WASD Keycaps

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Join today!!! Your beard will thank you! 

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Anyone have a att s5 I can root an rom. i miss playing with my phone.... i hate you att
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