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I need your help! Please take a moment to answer a short survey -- no more than six questions -- to help me determine if a new Sovereign Era book is something I should work on. Thank you! Click through for more information:
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I'd love to read a new Sovereign Era book. ... questions answered.
Questions answered! I'm excited about a possible crowdfunding campaign and a sequel!
7 years!? Has it been that long? Never mind the fact that I would buy this in a heartbeat..... How the heck did I get so old?! And I did the survey thingy and shared.
Thanks, +Paul Puri . I know... seven years. Time enough for all the cells in our bodies to be replaced, or so the old saw goes. We were different people! Thanks for the shares, too!
Survey answered, post shared (Hutch's share of it, actually), and ebooks bought. Excelsior! Or something.
Should I be expecting a download link to have shown up by now? Or is that something that takes a while?
Yes indeed... would have come from Check your spam folder? If there's nothing there, shoot me note at that address and I'll get you set up.
I have a receipt from PayPal but nothing else, including in the spam folder. I'll email you.
Original email just turned up 5 days later - it must have gone down the wrong intertube. Thanks for sorting it out directly.
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