"Dear MMA loving, Tap-Out Hat wearing, Affliction shirt having, Ed Hardy bling buying, steroid injecting, self aggrandizing, douchebags - Your time is up. Please exit popular culture gracefully, with Dana White shaven bald heads and unbroken hat brims in place.
Kindly fuck off and proceed to fuck yourself. The phenomena that was your subcultural classification is being reviewed by the editor in chief who, in turn, has deemed your movement stupid and dumb and wishes to see an end of this perverted warrior class...
... you do have another option, however; you can join the Armed Forces and serve with REAL hardassed motherfuckers who WILL put your city-boy badass 'tude in it's place (which is up your ass) and IF you survive you will be offered a chance to recant your school-boy bully bullshit and become a productive member of society.
I live in Victoria, BC - home of DND Esquimalt... We get lots of sailors in. I drove cab. I had the luck and fortune one night to see a guy just like Lameman here, mouth off, and get put down hard by a group of Marines." - Mkolabin

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