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Everyone, the +Buick Avista concept. I dig it.

Now murder it out, slap a Turbo 6 and a Grand National badge on it. Solid gold.

400 horsepower, twin-turbo V6. Off to a very good start.
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As a Buick and Aston Martin fanboy, I NEED it.
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So far, I've seen two Amazon ads with Clarkson, which I'm perfectly happy with.
Now, where's Hammond talking about (and being confused) by the overabundance of computers and home theater stuffs?
Most importantly: where is May talking about fine bottles of booze whilst sitting in an easy chair, smoking a pipe?

Come on, you're slacking! 
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As much as I want to see those ads, they're probably trying to "reset" Clarkson's public image that might have been tarnished by the fracas.
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Louis Pasteur (27 December 1822 – 28 September 1895) is perhaps most famous for establishing the modern method for eliminating dangerous bacteria from milk, what we of course call "pasteurisation." This method also applies to wine and beer, so remember that the next time you raise a glass or pint.

He also had much to do with vaccinations. It's wonderful to know he worked all his life to make the world a healthier place.

Thank you Monsieur Pasteur, for allowing me to not overly concern myself with the health of the milk in my refrigerator.
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Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi (2 August 1834 – 4 October 1904) is the brilliant designer of the Statue of Liberty and the Lion of Belfort, each a symbol of freedom and resistance. He served in the Franco-Prussian War, so those are qualities he understood well.

Frédéric also understood beauty and aesthetics, as his sculptures are incredibly popular and world renowned. I was amazed to look through his list of accomplishments and all of them I've seen before. Perhaps Hollywood is sure to include them in any movie set in France? All the same, fantastic backdrops.

Thank you Monsieur Bartholdi, for giving us many incredible works to admire.
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FREDERIC -AUGUSTE BARTHOLDI Patriota-Scultore Francese 2 AGOSTO 1834 COLMAR (Alsazia) +4 OTTOBRE 1904 PARIGI.FRANCIA SCULTURA-ITALIANA.COM : Informazioni artistiche e biografiche con Opere Capolavori d'Arte, click grazie: 
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Think of the various accomplishments of the French people and share them on Monday with that tag.

Vive la France.
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I thought Yahtzee's end-of-review rant about expectations* deserved to be cobbled together into a sort of wallpaper, in order to remind us to always set the bar one notch higher.

*The review:
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I'll just leave this here...
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I'm a bit late to the party but I heard that Martin Shkreli got an invite to Club Fed.

Dear Martin:
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I got the option to try the new G+ on desktop. 
"Let's go."
Left hand menu takes up space for no reason.
New posts are started with the lower right hand button.
It takes a moment to load New Post window and it's too bloody small anyway.
It remembers the last Community I posted to, instead of Circle.
Yep, it's another live-alpha test courtesy of +Google+
I switched back.

The new G+: a monument to compromise.
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Once upon a time, websites looked crappy on our crappy little phones. Then our phones got bigger. Then everyone redesigned websites to look good on crappy little phones. Everything sucks even more now.
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For those of you who may not be able to watch:

"As of now, we know this attack was carried out by gigantic fucking assholes. Unconscionable flaming assholes, possibly, possibly working with other fucking assholes, definitely working in service of an ideology of pure assholery. Second, and this goes almost without saying, fuck these assholes. Fuck them—if I may say—sideways. And third, it is important to remember that nothing about what these assholes are trying to do is going to work."
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+Scorpio Assmödeus GTX1 You hear me, Chuck?
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Léon Levavasseur (8 January 1863 – 26 February 1922) is the father of the V8 engine and direct fuel injection, the latter which has only recently become common place in mass-produced automobiles. Seemingly for laughs, he built engines up to 32 cylinders! He also designed innovative motor boats and airplanes with variable area wings.

As a petrol-head, I owe a lot to a man capable of not just simply thinking outside of the box but kicking it to the curb. Engineers are not normal people. ;)

Sadly, like many great innovators. Léon died penniless. 

Thank you Monsieur Levavasseur. Your inventions have moved the world.
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Vive la France!
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