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Matthew Turland

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elazar here, based in Lakeview. Got the bare basics down, just hit level 3. Plan on hitting the Sculpture Garden soon to get to 4. Any tips or suggestions on alternate, supplemental, or subsequent strategies are welcome. :) 
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Welcome, I am PK77.  It took forever for this post to show up for me. My AO is EJ (Metairie), right next door.  Let me know if you need anything
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Matthew Turland

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Mental illness is a very real and very personal issue, both within the industry I work in and in society at large. I commend the efforts of people like +Ed Finkler and +Paddy Foran to raise awareness and am very honored and humbled to be a participant.
I’m a web developer living and telecommuting from my home in southern Louisiana. I’ve authored and co-authored a number of books and articles and spoken at several technical conferences. Outside of my vocation, I’m a father of three and an open source hobbyist. I tweet and occasionally blog.
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+Matthew Turland, I haven't actually watched any of +Ed Finkler's talks (or met the feller in person) but he's a great guy and it's great you're participating in clearing the air on this.

My wife has dealt with severe depression most of her life - including a childhood obsession with death and being buried, and a continuing obsession with serial killers and dead/dying celebrities - and has been mentally hospitalized like yourself on a few occasions. Add to that the 15 or 20 surgeries she's endured (endless bouts of recurring abdominal hernias, abscesses, all quite lovely subject matter) and you can imagine her depression is even worse for it.

It's certainly worn on her, but it's also worn on me. Most of the time I feel as though the weight of the world is on my shoulders, both emotionally and financially. When we were living alone - no friends or family around for tens of thousands of miles - in California a couple years ago, I had my first serious bouts of anxiety and depression. I even believe I had a single instance of a panic attack, where a flight response kicked in and I left work in a sweaty terror for absolutely no logical reason.

I like to think a lot of my personal emotional issues are situational, but who knows? I've certainly got familial depression. I've tried to mostly go unmedicated but am currently giving Celexa a go. I think it's been helping, but I have had breakthrough moments where I have needed something stronger to calm/center me.

I'm sure I don't know what it's like to have regular suicidal thoughts (I've only experienced the, 2 or 3 times in my life and never "had a specific plan" as they like to ask you) but I can certainly relate to living along side it and with chronic bouts of severe anxiety and depression.

Just wanted to share my own little story and keep the dialog going.

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Matthew Turland

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For those of you who aren't, this truly is what it's like to be a computer programmer.
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Classic yak shaving
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Matthew Turland

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I'm proud of my friends who made this, and honoured to be part of it.
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Matthew Turland

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Really wish I could find time sooner to listen to those. For those of you that have it, I highly recommend checking this out if you like sci-fi / horror.
Click here to get some:

Finally! This week's free audiobook is the first episode of NOCTURNAL, narrated by the amazing Phil Gigante. This novel is a horror/thriller with heavy scifi and hard-science elements. It is also my unabashed love letter to 80s buddy-cop movies. 

We worked hard on this book, and we hope you enjoy all forty-five free episodes!

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Matthew Turland

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I've read and love the first two books in this series and I'm really looking forward to reading the third. For those of you to whom this post applies, I encourage you to grab a copy. :)
Wot? Get the first 80 pages of PANDEMIC free from iBookstore. Hit "sample." Please share on your G+ page, tell your friends why you like the series. Tell 'em to snag INFECTED.
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Matthew Turland

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Matthew Turland

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"[T]he feds have been trying to get various tech companies to hand over their master encryption keys so that the NSA and FBI can decrypt any of the messages they scoop up. So far the tech companies have been resisting:

"The government is definitely demanding SSL keys from providers," said one person who has responded to government attempts to obtain encryption keys. The source spoke with CNET on condition of anonymity. 

The person said that large Internet companies have resisted the requests on the grounds that they go beyond what the law permits, but voiced concern that smaller companies without well-staffed legal departments might be less willing to put up a fight. "I believe the government is beating up on the little guys," the person said. "The government's view is that anything we can think of, we can compel you to do.""

This is hardly surprising, but Declan McCullagh is reporting that the feds have been trying to get various tech companies to hand over their master encryption keys so that the NSA and FBI can decrypt any of the messages they scoop up. So far the tech...
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Matthew Turland

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One of the most rewarding projects I've worked on in recent years was a scheduling system for a museum.  The code was a nightmare, the process a disaster, and if you ever accuse me of being responsible for the code base I'll deny it.  (I was the 5th independent set of people to touch it before it even launched; the framework it was built on shifted at least twice.)

But still, according to the museum it cut their lead time for student tour groups from 6 months to 2 weeks.  Screw saving money, that meant thousands more kids that could go through the museum each year.  That means something.

I've sometimes said that the true measure of a person's life is the number of people who are better people for having known you.

Anthony, you want to make a difference.  That's a noble calling.  Godspeed in doing so.
For those of you who have read my back story in my post A Tale Of Open Source, you'll likely remember that I was an EMT for several years. Part of that time I spent volunteering for a rescue squad (volunteer ambulances). There were long stretches of time where it was a thankless service.
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Matthew Turland

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Click on the YouTube icon to read it faster in the description.
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Parent. Egalitarian. Geek. Tinker. Tenor. Author. Speaker. Budding ex-wallflower.
I currently live with my wife, three children, two cats, and one dog in New Orleans, Louisiana. I'm just an average geek and enjoy conversing with other like-minded geeks. When not occupied with work or family, I like to write code, read, and play video games. I'm pretty friendly, so drop me a line sometime and you might make a new friend. If you use an instant messenger program, drop me an IM. See the Contact section of my web site for details.
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They were able to service me the same day I called in Duson. The problem ended up being a tripped breaker, but they took the time to check my lines, tighten down loose ones, explain what I should watch for, and indicate what problems I may be able to deal with easily myself. Very courteous and knowledgeable.
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