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Alex - let's meet shortly to finalise details for the open research Tweet/Beer up. My feeling is we need the room and the data projector to allow people to do spontaneous 5-min lightning talks. I'd really like to know what people are doing. I never need too much encouragement to talk about openness, and I bet +Mike Robins can show off one of the many deeply cool things he's been doing recently. +Alice Williamson has very kindly offered to help with some logistics. I'm snowed for another 1-2 days, but after that?

Do we yet have contact details for the Google Aus guys, in case they might be interested?
For everybody interested in open research, open access, open science. Informal meetup and drink, sparked by some eResearch people meeting in NZ and Sydney-based organisers...
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Matt can you (and possibly +Mike Robins  and Alice Williamson) meet on Friday afternoon? If not, how about Monday before 3? I don't have contact details for Google Aus guys I don't think. We have about 17 ppl signed up for the event, which is a bit low for getting a room upstairs- they wanted a $500 spend for that.
I can potentially do Friday afternoon. Definitely Monday morning.
The Rose confirmed that it's a $500 spend for a separate room, so I think we'd need more people. Otherwise the best we can do is reserve a table, so I doubt we can hear well enough for lightning talks. But if it's not too loud, perhaps we could go around the table and ask people to mention why they're there and one or two things they're doing (if any) that's openresearch-like
Hmm, yes, $500 is several pints per person if there are 17 of us or so. We'd need 50 people probably. We could set up an online gallery where people can tag themselves with a project they're doing, so we can put faces,@handles and projects together...
Wouldn't need 50 because some should buy one of their nice pizzas, but yes need bunch more ppl. When do you want to meet?
I'm getting ready to send a reminder email to the 16 ppl signed up on the eventbrite site We do not have a room or anything, so I am thinking of asking people to bring a small piece of paper for public consumption with 2 lines mentioning what they are doing in openresearch or why they are interested in it, and how they can be contacted. I will then post that info on a Tumblr or something after the event. I might also print out handouts advertising NZAuOpenResearch. If you guys have anything else to promote, please send me a logo/link for it.
Time for a coffee this arvo? 3? I have your frisbee.
OMG my frisbee!!  I am lecturing at 3. How about 4:15 or tmrw morn?
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