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Interested in education reform and education media/communications
Interested in education reform and education media/communications


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From K to PhD level, I was constantly dinged for not embracing busywork despite solid assessment and demonstration of mastery. So, I like this.
What matters most in grading -- results or effort? In Oregon, teachers will now grade students overwhelmingly on their mastery of content.

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If you have even the slightest interest in education, check out this unique kindergarten model via Julia Steiny's article -- and make sure to watch the documentary trailer!
This kindergarten has fire, knives, saws, extreme weather... to say it isn't your typical kindergarten is an understatement.

Julia Steiny writes that this type of outdoor schooling -- which she admits is not for everyone -- can produce resilient, dynamic kids.

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This is a pretty sensible piece by John Jensen. Lots of what we need to educate boys better would educate everyone better.
An issue that receives more attention with every passing year is the state of boys' education, with some calling the underperformance of boys a "crisis." Some research supports that claim while some questions how serious the problem really is.

John Jensen has a piece about how we might better educate boys -- and everyone. If we expect anyone to learn and be motivated, he says, we need to create the conditions that foster both.

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This is a great read from Robert Maranto -- interesting perspective on Duncan's icy reception at AERA 2013, and why some of AERA's members might be misreading him.
Robert Maranto, Ph.D. of the University of Arkansas's Department of Education Reform writes about the hostile environment in which Education Secretary Arne Duncan found himself at the 2013 meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA).

Maranto says that no matter how anyone views Duncan's policies, they should recognize that for Duncan -- and to his credit -- education is personal.

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This is pretty awesome -- going to spend some time checking it out in more detail. Has anyone here used AppInventor?
If you haven't heard of AppInventor, check it out -- it's a VERY cool piece of software from MIT's Media Lab that lets even very young children design mobile apps without coding knowledge.

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This is super creepy.
Few would argue that school employees shouldn't try to be good role models for the community, but is a social media policy that restricts private use going too far?

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The relevance of traditional journalism schools is... waning. Fast.
Media and journalism training is changing at a pace faster than almost any sector because of blogs, open media, social media, etc. -- and hardly anyone talks about it. The media tend not to write about themselves.

Some traditional j-schools are evolving, though. An example of this is UT's Knight Center offering MOOCs on journalism and media topics, especially ones that cross over to other fields. Very cool, and we'll likely see more of this in the near future.

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Are Waldorf Schools focusing on the most important elements of education, or are they short-changing kids in a tech-dependent world?
Most schools talk tech constantly -- how they are using it, how they want to use it, and how money has to move to ensure they can use even more tech. "21st Century Skills" is a phrase that dots nearly every strategic school plan in the United States.

But not at Waldorf Schools, where technology is actively avoided. Good idea or bad?

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Anyone remotely interested in paying attention to how online ed is developing -- and really changing the landscape of higher education -- should have their fingers on the pulse of these rankings each and every year.
The Online Education Database has compiled its 2013 rankings of the top online education programs. What makes this truly valuable is how the metrics used allow you to search through by individual attributes such as student loan default rate, job placement, etc.

Some big names are on this list for providing outstanding values in specific fields -- schools like Penn State and University of Delaware -- as well as some institutions you may have never heard of.

Online ed is a rapidly-developing landscape -- the rankings are worth a close look!

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Does your school have school resource officers?
Bill Gemmill of Professional Educators of Tennessee has a thoughtful piece today about school safety. He likes the way TN schools have utilized school resources officers -- is that an effective blend of security and community-building that districts should model?
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