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Matthew Sullivan-Barrett
Enthusiastic gaming omnivore. Nom nom nom
Enthusiastic gaming omnivore. Nom nom nom

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The stars are right, but will the hops align? Friends, this seems ominously important, and the spumescent head atop my frost hazed chalice bespeaks a night overwrought with visions and reverie liken to that of island hopping Maenads. Would that I will rise again like that besotted and reborn Dionysus.

I entreat you to consider aligning yourself with these dark forces, and may you therefore avoid their wrath and gaze when they ascend.

Behold, the Washington state LoveCraft Brewing Kickstarter.

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Past Bundle contributor +Jennifer Brozek has passed along a suggestion for an offer of tabletop RPGs designed by women. Aside from the several titles we've featured in past offers (notably the entire trilogy of "Three Quick Games about the Human Heart" by +Emily Care Boss and several freeforms by +Lizzie Stark, +Shoshana Kessock, and +Julia Ellingboe), perhaps the most prominent title we haven't yet offered is Steal Away Jordan. Other suggestions?

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May be missing GenCon(as ever), but at least this year I am in the midst of a sweet trip to Iceland.
This awesome deericorn statue on the grassy roof of what turned out to be a vet made me think of +Ross Cowman.

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Deeper in the Game has always delivered high value(if occasionally contentious) content about RPG play craft and techniques. I can't think if another blog that has influenced me more as an RPG participant.

Very glad to be able to kick some back to Chris!

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Lots of neatness at the EMP museum. Their newish horror exhibit and Scream Booth were cool.
The tentacles made of red-lit Hannibal masks all across the ceiling were a nice touch, made me think of +Bret Gillan.
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Maybe someone in Adam's circles could tag me in photos 8 and 9?
GoPlay Northwest, Kodachrome style.
GoPlay Northwest 2014
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D'aww, so kyoot.
Most adorbs owlbear media since Winnie-the-Owl-Pooh? You decide.

Get 13th Age for $13 today at +DriveThruRPG. If we sell 13 copies +Wade Rockett keeps his job! 

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Betty is freaking awesome.
This also reminded me of my gnome barbarian from very cool +13th Age demo +Wade Rockett ran at my bachelor party game night!
How to succeed at monster killing 101 w/ Betty the Smidgen from Rat Queens! 

Art by Tess Fowler

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This tome Grim and glamorous appeared on my threshold today.
Particularly chilling was the inscription within, showing eery insight into my own temperament...
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Registration now open for GPNW 2014.
This Seattle play-con is one of my favorite game events every year, always reliably full of fun games and friendly gamers! If you are going, try to make the Friday Feast: It is the best way to start the weekend.
As promised, registration for Go Play NW 2014 is now open! Check out our site for more information, or just go to to register today!
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