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Matthew Stobbs
Ask, and you shall receive. Eventually. Probably not in the way you thought though.
Ask, and you shall receive. Eventually. Probably not in the way you thought though.

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Don't want to lose this show! Everyone listen, you might learn something.
[The Linux Action Show! MP3] #SaveLAS | LAS 461 via @PodcastAddict

I have more then a few clients that I've created websites for, and I always end up using php to ensure consistency in my HTML. Lately, I've been thinking I would be better off, from a performance standpoint, to compiled their sites into HTML, thereby removing the processing needed to serve what is essentially a static page.

I don't mean create a cache, so much as compile there entire site into static HTML.

I couldn't find anything that did it already, so I've made my own to for my workflow.

Very basic right now, but it will compile scss into CSS, minify both CSS and js, build HTML page based on specified files (really just chunks of HTML with some php thrown in when needed), and output the structure to a given output directory.

Would anybody be interested in an open source version of it? Would be nice to get some feedback and help if it's needed.

I yes you could call it a php build system, if you really want to.

Just finished a clean install to a complete zfs system. Really loving how quick it all is once it starts, but seems to take a while for the l2arc to fill up enough to be useful.

Anybody using zfs on arch have some performance tips for speeding it up, or making the cache non volatile? 

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Come join us! Free healthcare, and we tossed our dictator out last election! 

All the spam on here needs to stop. Where are the mods taking care of spam? I've seen so many half naked women in the html5 group today, it seems they are slacking off. 

So, I have enough parts together to build my 8 year old a computer. He's asked to be able to play minecraft, which will be barely possible with what I have leftover from some teardowns.

Would anybody be interested in my documenting teaching my 8 year old son to piece together his own machine, and install Linux mint (his os choice) by himself? I'll be assisting, but he will be doing all the actual work. 

I've been using freebsd on file servers and routers for a whole now, but never really thought of workstation usage. I have a Dell xps 13 that has archlinux on it right now, but would like to try out freebsd for workstation duties.

Any chance I can get some info on using it for my laptop? Any success stories? Anything I should know about before attempting it? 

So, just put Ubuntu touch on my nexus 7. Since google dropped support for it, seemed like a good idea.

So far, it's working well.

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So I was bored today, and thought about how much I'd really like to get back into D&D, but how everyone I play with is far away.

I'm OK doing an online game, but some people who would like to try are a little overwhelmed by all the D&D stuff like tracking stats, modifiers, dice rolls, etc.

In that spirit, I started working on a project that will help me play more games. This first part is just a dice roller, written in PHP to run server side as part of a stack.

Any other D&D geeks on here who would like some input, or to help, or to just hack at it.

BTW, this is my first real opensource project that I have started, while being part of many, so plesae let me know what you think.

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More Star Wars for all of you! Enjoy!
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