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This video and the movement it chronicles to bring Joseph Kony to justice is a true phenomenon.
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Spend a minute or two thinking about this movie. You'll find out why.
Try looking into the comments on this vid @ youtube.

Kony is a fraud
Hooray; new country to take over for the oil! :P
Disappointed in the reckless commentary. I think its fine to challenge the efficiency and effectiveness of their activities, but there seems to be absolutely no evidence of fraud (which the word "scam" implies). Their financials have always been public, and seem consistent with their mission. The management and fundraising overhead of 20% is not out of line with many non-profits. See
Quoting: +Matthew Stepka "Oh please Jason Russel, take care of the children.. you are the light in our lives"... BAM! Running around naked & masturbating... Glad they threw him in a medical facility... Away with them demons!

@ all people who think #kony2012 is not a fraud or scam...
First of all ...Do you really want this guy anywhere near children?
and second... Get a life & think for yourself..
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