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Golden Eagles Wintering in Forests Just South Of Louisville

Cool story in +The Courier-Journal by +James Bruggers about Golden Eagles wintering just south of Louisville in Bernheim Forest (and throughout the Appalachian Mountains/Foothills). I had no idea they did such...Nice to read that Golden Eagle numbers look to be on the rise and/or are higher than originally thought.

Like its cousin the bald eagle, the much rarer golden eagle is making a comeback in Kentucky, where at least 15 are now spending their winters... Read Full Story:

Where To Find Golden Eagles In Kentucky:

#GoldenEagles   #Kentucky   #birdwatching  
Like its cousin the bald eagle, the much rarer golden eagle is making a comeback in Kentucky, where at least 15 are n...
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Aarron Harrison's 3 Point Shot Sends UK to Championship Game

Déjà vu , (/ˌdeɪʒɑː ˈvuː/) from French, literally "already seen", is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has been experienced in the past...

Aaron Harrison, freshman gaurd for University of Kentucky, hits contested 3 point basket to seal UK's win over Wisconsin in the 2014 Final 4. 

Kentucky Advances to Championship Game for the 2nd time in 3 years. 

Original Photo Credit: Bob Donnan (USA Today Sports), edited by +Matthew Stephenson  in picasa

#BBN   #kentuckywildcats   #finalfour   #AaronHarrison   #3pointshot   #UK   #KentuckyBasketball   #2014ncaatournament   #dejavu   #UKBasketball  
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Congratulations to your Wildcats, +Matthew Stephenson n. They have been putting on quite a show.
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It's Wild #caturday 
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Matthew Stephenson

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+Stone Temple Consulting posted a nice update on Large Image Link Shares on G+ ... thanks for sharing +Mark Traphagen
What Triggers the New Large Image Link Shares on Google Plus?

Since Google+ started rolling out a change to how some link images are displayed on late Thursday (US time), many have been speculating what triggers these larger images for link posts. (If you haven't noticed, for many posts now that are sharing an embedded link to an external web page, the old small thumbnail has been replaced by a full column-width image from the shared post, with the post title and site name underneath.)

We've been watching various conversations on what triggers these images. There is still not absolute consensus, but here are some factors several people say they've turned up via extensive testing:

1. It seems to help greatly if the web page being shared has an Open Graph (OG) tag with content type set to article. See by +George Sepich (confirmed in tests by +Masatake Wasa)

1a. According to +Allen Firstenberg: people can also or alternately mark it up with microdata. See and for more about this, including a tool to help you configure it.

2. The shared web page should have at least one image that is a minimum of 506 px wide (reported by +Gerwin Sturm). +Masatake Wasa says that for a single column view, or if the post is opened in its own tab, the minimum width must be 600 px. He also adds that there seems to be a minimum height of 300 px tall for multi-column display and 360 px tall for single column (It turns out Masatake meant that is how the images will appear on G+, not the minimums to trigger them. Gerwin's 506 px wide seems to be the important factor.

3. +Joshua Berg noticed that all the visible links in these new link shares are marked no-follow. But he also discovered that there is a hidden link in the embed that does not have a no-follow attribute. Yesterday he asked Google's +John Mueller in a Webmaster Central Hangout about the meaning of this. You can read Joshua's report on John's answer at

4. STC's +Mark Traphagen and friend +martin shervington discussed the implications of these new link share image posts for marketers and influencers in a 30-minute video at

We want to stress that these are preliminary findings. More may be discovered about this new feature in the days ahead. We'll update you as we come across new, verified information.

#gplustips   #googleplustips  
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Thanks +Matthew Stephenson 
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80's Awareness Explained to the Millennials 

This is great...Kevin Bacon would like a word with you about '80s awareness....

"you think Russia is a threat now? Let me tell you about a little thing called The Cold War. They had Nukes pointed at us for 20 couldnt even skateboard to a blockbuster without getting nuked"_  Kevin Bacon Explains the '80s to Millennials

Thanks for sharing +Mark Traphagen 
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Matthew Stephenson

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Aaron Harrison is ridiculous! 
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Pure ice water in his veins. 
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Kentucky finally plays to its potential, but can Cats keep it up?
"Who knows if we'll see it again, but Kentucky unleashed hell Friday night and it was something to see." Column -

Always enjoy reading +Gregg Doyel  's take on college basketball and sports in general.

#BBN #kentuckywildcats #kentuckybasketball #SECTourney #ncaabasketball  
Kentucky beat LSU 85-67 in the SEC tournament quarterfinals on Friday in Atlanta, showing all its mighty potential in a performance that should intrigue NBA scouts and terrify future NCAA Tournament foes.
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Matthew Stephenson

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Bald eagle numbers soaring in Tri-State - Story from +WLWT

I remember seeing a Bald Eagle in "the wild" for the first time in 1990 on Lake Erie. Being an avid bird watcher from a young age it was a big deal to me then. With so many stories of animals endangered, loss of habitat, etc, it's refreshing to read about the Bald Eagle's comeback.

Although native to the region, bald eagles were not a common sight for most of the 1900s in the Tri-State and the nation. Due to loss of habitat, shooting and pesticide toxins, the birds were threatened to extinction in the 1960s. In 1979, Ohio hit its low point with only four nesting pairs of bald eagles in the state. Tuesday, dozens of bald eagle pairs are thriving in the Tri-State, thanks to cleaner water and respect for their habitat. One of those pairs took up residence more than five years ago along the Great Miami River in Harrison.  Read more:

Photo Credit: Yathin S Krishnappa
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Added my profile to the! #141857
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Doesnt Verify EVER...but if I searched by numeric ID it pulls my profile (typing name it returns zero results)...does not show public posts on profile (or rather says no recent ones) so doesnt create searchable index of posts on external site.
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Bald eagle numbers soaring in Tri-State

Although native to the region, bald eagles were not a common sight for most of the 1900s in the Tri-State and the nation.

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