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Matthew Stephenson

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Baltimore Oriole - Cold Spring, KY

This Baltimore Oriole photo is from my Bird Photography Album:

©2015 Matthew Stephenson, All Rights Reserved

#birds #birdphotography #baltimoreoriole #birdsinfocus #birdsgallery​​ #nature #wildlife #wildlifephotography #naturephotography #birds4all #birdwatching #birding #hqspbirds
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Très belle photo! Merci
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Matthew Stephenson

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Orchard Oriole - Cold Spring, KY

Orchard Oriole eating mulberries.

From my Bird Photography Album:

©2015 Matthew Stephenson, All Rights Reserved

#birds #birdphotography #OrchardOriole #birdsinfocus #birdsgallery​​ #nature #wildlife #wildlifephotography #naturephotography #birds4all #birdwatching #birding #hqspbirds
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+Matthew Stephenson That"s really fantastic friend ..14 species in a hour...I am looking forward for your birds posting .... 
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Matthew Stephenson

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Cape May Warbler (Setophaga tigrina) - Magee Marsh Wildlife Area

Cape May Warblers were everywhere throughout the middle of the 3rd week in May 2015 along the Boardwalk at Magee Marsh.

Like many of the warblers I saw during my time at the "Biggest Week in America Birding' this was a first time I'd ever seen Cape May Warblers.

From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology...
The Cape May Warbler breeds across the boreal forest of Canada and the northern United States, where the fortunes of its populations are largely tied to the availability of spruce budworms, its preferred food. Striking in appearance but poorly understood, the species spends its winters in the West Indies, collecting nectar with its unique curled, semitubular tongue... Learn More:

From my Magee Marsh Bird Photography Album:

©2015 Matthew Stephenson, All Rights Reserved
#birds #birdphotography #capemaywarbler #birdsinfocus #birdsgallery #nature #wildlife #wildlifephotography #naturephotography #birds4all #birdwatching #birding #hqspbirds #biggestweek
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Matthew Stephenson

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Blackburnian Warbler (1st Year Male) - Magee Marsh, OH

Although the colors of this 1st year male are muted compared to a fully mature male he's still noticeably more colorful than a female and well on his way to displaying full color.

Link to a fully colored, mature male Blackburnian Warbler I photographed a couple days before:

In addition to being more brightly colored, one way that helps distinguish an immature male from a female is the presence of a distinct orange/yellow center head strip. As you can see this bird displays a bold center orange stripe.

©2015 Matthew Stephenson, All Rights Reserved
#birds #birdphotography #blackburnianwarbler #birdsinfocus #birdsgallery #nature #wildlife #wildlifephotography #naturephotography #birds4all #birdwatching #birding #hqspbirds #blackburnianwarbler
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Thanks +Natalie K., that was one of the reasons I liked this photo (besides being a good example of a first year male blackburnian warbler)...i often find it difficult to get a sharp / good looking image of a bird straight on. I really liked the detail on to the right of the beak in the face around the eye.
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Matthew Stephenson

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Make Renting Simple at +Rent It Today​
Rent It Today- The Ultimate Rental Resource

+RentItToday is quickly becoming the ultimate resource for everything rent related. Our goal is to make the renting experience easy for individuals looking for items, while making it affordable for companies to market their rentals. Rent It Today's philosophy is to brand our company name by educating the world that renting no longer just means tuxedos and cars. In fact, it seems as though just about everything is for rent now, and we plan on eventually marketing all that is available. Whether it's a chicken, an apartment, a baby stroller, or a Lamborghini, it's available for you to rent at a fraction of the cost of buying, and we can help you find it!

Visit Our Site Now And Let Us Help You:

#Renting #Rent #RentMore #Chickens +Lamborghini #BuyLess #Apartment #RentItToday        
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Matthew Stephenson

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Chestnut-sided Warbler (Setophaga pensylvanica) - Magee Marsh Wildlife Area, Ohio

Chestnut sided warblers were one of the more common warblers found along the boardwalk at Magee Marsh last week. This was another first ever seen warbler species for me. 

From my Magee Marsh Photo Album:

Learn More about the Chestnut-sided Warbler at:

©2015 Matthew Stephenson, All Rights Reserved
#birds   #birdphotography   #chestnutsidedwarbler #warbler #birdsinflight   #warblers #redstart #biggestweek   #mageemarsh     #birdsinfocus     #birdsgallery #nature   #wildlife   #wildlifephotography   #naturephotography #birdphotography     #birds4all   #birdwatching #birding   #hqspbirds 
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Such a cute little thing 
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Matthew Stephenson

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Orchard Oriole (1st Year male) - Cold Spring, KY

1st summer male Orchard Orioles often throw me off when im in the field and I initially catch a glimpse of one. I always think ... "what was that??".

I like how they have such a distinct color pattern (albeit one that often has me puzzled until I get a clear view).

This Orchard Oriole photo is from my Bird Photography Album:

©2015 Matthew Stephenson, All Rights Reserved

#birds #birdphotography #OrchardOriole #birdsinfocus #birdsgallery​​ #nature #wildlife #wildlifephotography #naturephotography #birds4all #birdwatching #birding #hqspbirds 
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I mean the angle of the bird and the background colour!
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Matthew Stephenson

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Blackburnian Warbler (female) - Magee Marsh, OH

The female Blackburnian Warbler displays similar colors and patterns as the male, however they are not nearly as bright. They have a light brown color where the male displays black and they usually do not have a distinct center orange/yellow stripe on the top of their heads.

This female Blackburnian Warbler was photographed along the Magee Marsh Wildlife Area's Boardwalk.

One of the great things about seeing the spring warbler migration at Magee Marsh is the ability to observe so many different birds of the same species. As a result of seeing a variety of mature males, females, 1st summer males, etc one really gets to know a given warbler species. Given how difficult 'local / familiar' warblers can be to observe in the summer, I found this to be a really amazing part of the experience.

Link to photo of a Mature Male Blackburnian Warbler:

Link to photo of a 1st Summer Male Blackburnian Warbler:

All Photographs are from my 2015 Magee Marsh Bird Photography Album:

©2015 Matthew Stephenson, All Rights Reserved
#birds #birdphotography #blackburnianwarbler #femaleblackburnianwarbler #birdsinfocus #birdsgallery​​ #nature #wildlife #wildlifephotography #naturephotography #birds4all #birdwatching #birding #hqspbirds   #mageemarsh   #biggestweek  
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Matthew Stephenson

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Algorithm designed to find beautiful photographs ... great read...

Thanks to +Yonatan Zunger for sharing and thanks to +Eric Enge for resharing.
Yonatan Zunger originally shared to Today I Learned::
One of the biggest challenges in information retrieval (the branch of computer science that includes search and content recommendation) is how to find good content which humans haven't already found. To date, the most reliable signals have been other human judgments: for example, PageRank is a measure of how "good" a site is based on links people have made to that site (with the challenge being how to separate "meaningful" and trustworthy links from the rest), and collaborative filtering is based on what other users have chosen (with the challenge being how to find users with similar enough taste to be relevant).

The challenge is that, when new material shows up on the scene, you don't yet have any human interactions -- and quite often, good material, things people would love, simply goes unnoticed and never builds up the interaction signals which help. To detect quality in these things requires understanding the content itself, and the aspects of it which matter to people.

There are several hard aspects to this. One is simply understanding the content at the right granularity: "the color of the top-left pixel" or "the frequency of the word 'whenever'" are too fine-grained to give us a hint about whether people will like something, so we need to be able to group the content into more meaningful structures. For images, that might be "an image of a face in 3/4-profile," a certain color balance or contrast, a perspective or a cropping, and advances in image recognition in the past few years have (finally) made it possible to reliably identify such features. For text, it's much harder: there isn't yet even a clear idea of what features both could be measured about text and determine people's tastes. (How do you measure "intellectually meaty" or "hinting at scandal?")

This paper has used the recent advances in image processing, together with recent advances in AI in general, to get a sense of which pictures people will like. It started by taking several thousand images, and having them rated by humans for quality; that was used as "ground truth." Then, those thousands of images are analyzed into meaningful features, and a neural network is trained to find patterns of image features which predict human taste.

This is what neural networks, and other kinds of "supervised" machine learning systems, do in general: they take as inputs a bunch of signals, and combine them using a large number of parameters -- the "weights" -- to produce predictions of some values that you want to measure. The weights are set by taking a large number of test examples ("golden data" or "ground truth") with known values of both the signals and the test values; weights are chosen ("trained") to maximize the quality of the system's predictions for this data. To make sure that the training doesn't just teach it to recognize those specific examples, the golden data is randomly split into two groups; one is used for training, and then it's tested against the other group to make sure that the predictions with the trained weights are good. If they are, then you have a model which can predict -- given any set of measured signals -- the truth values.

In this case, the signals are these features of the image, measured by a second machine learning system; the quantity being predicted is whether people will like it. Because these are all "content-based signals" -- that is, they're based on the contents of the image, and not on people's responses to it -- the resulting model can be applied to any image. 

The team then applied this model to a set of 9 million images from Flickr with fewer than five "favorites." They tested the quality of its picks by having human raters compare that result set with the set of popular images on Flickr; the result was excellent, with its "hidden gems" scoring statistically the same as the most popular images on the site.

I would expect a lot more work on related techniques over the next few years, and for this to have a significant impact on the way that content recommendation is done. The main upshot will be that more little-known works get the spotlight they deserve -- something critical, as more and more people are creating things of value that they want the world to see. 

h/t +Wayne Radinsky and +Daniel Estrada
Beautiful images are not always popular ones, which is where the CrowdBeauty algorithm can help, say computer scientists.
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Matthew Stephenson

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An early look at the new Google photos app...

Thanks for sharing +Glenn Gabe​ and thanks to +Mark Traphagen​ for resharing.
An exclusive early look at the new standalone Google Photos app on Android
We've been hearing for a very long time - virtually ever since Vic Gundotra left Google+, with more rumors springing up recently - that Photos would be spl... by Liam Spradlin in Exclusives, Google, Leaks, News
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Matthew Stephenson

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Drones brought in to aid workers during the Nepal relief efforts.

+Rent It Today can connect you with drone camera rental providers in your area. Our top aerial drone clients include +Eye In The Sky Rentals &+Outdoor Equipment Rentals


Pin this for later:

#Drones   #Nepal   #Earthquake   #Rentals  
Drones have helped disaster relief efforts in Nepal and other areas. Find drone rentals in your area through Rent It Today.
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Matthew Stephenson

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Bay-breasted Warbler (Setophaga castanea) - Magee Marsh Wildlife Area, OH

The Bay-breasted Warbler was another first ever species seen for me. Photograph is from my Magee Marsh Album:

Learn More about the Bay-breasted Warbler at:

©2015 Matthew Stephenson, All Rights Reserved
#birds #birdphotography #baybreastedwarbler #warbler #birdsinflight #warblers #redstart #biggestweek #mageemarsh #birdsinfocus #birdsgallery #nature #wildlife #wildlifephotography #naturephotography #birdphotography #birds4all #birdwatching #birding #hqspbirds 
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This is such a beautiful bird and you picked up the colors beautifully.
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