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Topic of hot discussion at the office this aft ;)
I think they would agree with each other provided Google were not in the room.

I agree with much of what +Jon Cooper is saying here (link building is here to stay and will always be) except that content marketing should be the last resort of link building. It really depends on the size of the business (and I get Jon is focusing on small businesses here and rightly so) and your definition of content marketing.

I think one of the problems here is the grandiose definitions and demonstrations of content marketing these days. If it's content produced for marketing purposes...I call that content marketing. Isn't writing a blog targeted at a local niche audience still content marketing? Lots of small local businesses do that without huge costs and they get links from it too. It doesn't mean we shouldn't also be exploring traditional SEO and link building avenues too. I think Jon's Fail-Proof Content also fits within content marketing. I'm not sure why +Jon Cooper doesn't see it that way (have to admit Jon I haven't listened to the Podcast all the way through so I'm going to do so in the next few days). Targeted content + targeted outreach sounds like it is both content marketing and link building. They can and do co-exist.

Larger businesses well those guys have budget so why not both?

I think this the real big issue here is content marketers acting like they are above buying or outreaching for links. They were doing it just a few months ago and most likely are still doing it to some degree! I feel a lot of this is simply to pay lip service to Google and to reassure businesses that they will do nothing to bring Google's wrath down upon their clients.
+Matthew Shepherd thanks for the response!

One note, on the fail proof content - it is most likely by definition some form of content marketing, but for the sake of everyone's already created schemas of what they perceive content marketing as, I don't want it to be associated with that term.

And yes - lip service for Google is an understatement on why they do this.
Thanks +Jon Cooper. Really enjoying your blog posts and well done on getting people talking about this. Looking forward to reading more of the comments tomorrow :)
Given that links are the primary tool to define connections between static content, I see anything and everything as a layer on top of them.

Ultimately the goal remains the same, you just have to pick the most effective technique for what you're promoting.

I do however believe in more organic approaches to ensure better hits. I've always seen gaming any system as a losing battle for the majority.
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