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A very nice, high-resolution (6.6cm/px) photomap of the Red Rocks Amphitheater, provided by dronemapper.com. Getting an accurate map was a bit difficult considering the severe slopes in the region, but the crew was able to map the area in only 30 minutes.
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+Corey Upton  - Very nice work! I haven't sent any images dronemapper yet; I'm still developing my drone mapping platform. What was your mapping experience like?
Also just noticed you got a 4.4cm GSD at 200m. That's really good numbers.
Ah ok, that makes sense. One cm GSD is amazing. I'm working on a low-cost UAS build at the moment, hoping to bring drone mapping into journalism via dronejournalism.org.
Thanks - I work with APM, but looking to branch out to OpenPilot. Also use the APM in the Drones for Schools initiative. Others in the organization swear by DJI Naza (only the multirotor folks, though).

How extensively are you using the 3D printing? Is it for camera hardware only, or are you fabbing a 3D-printed fuse as well? Keep up the cool work.
That's some fancy 3D printing and CFRP work there. I love working with the stuff too, but I'm thinking of changing over to kevlar because of RF blocking issues. You're ahead of the curve, Corey.
+Matthew Schroyer, how bad is the RF attenuation with that stuff? I haven't found any good sources online yet and haven't had a chance to do any tests myself. I work with +Corey Upton on some of these projects and I'm curious to what extent we'll be able to use carbon fiber without causing problems for the Comm systems. 
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