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Matthew Sabo
Beverage and Drinks R&D Immersed in Marketing | Referee for Left & Right Brain Innovation | Geek
Beverage and Drinks R&D Immersed in Marketing | Referee for Left & Right Brain Innovation | Geek

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Join me and the +Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly, Chicago Chapter today as we help raise money to meet a $5,000 ‪#GivingTuesday matching grant through Crowdrise! Every senior should have the opportunity for companionship,not only during the holidays but all year round. Please help with a donation -

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Today, I'm raising funds to bring flowers, food, & friendship to lonely seniors on Christmas Day with Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly (Chicago Chapter).

On ‪#‎GivingTuesday‬ donations will be matched dollar-for-dollar so double up on feeling awesome in helping this great charity!

Step 1: Click the link
Step 2: Donate, get a double whammy matching your gift
Step 3: Feel amazeballs

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* the public's capacity to distinguish science from pseudoscience."*

Love that...

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C'mon, you know you look drop some ink on paper and immortalize it, courtesy of the talented and hi-larious +Nikki Crome.
So, if you weren't aware - I'm an starving artist.

I have been on Google+ since beta, which were some of the most fun times meeting you all and growing & forming the friendships some of us still have today. 

There was something I started to do on the plus, I saw that I could finally challenge and practice on honing my skills even further if I could find participants. As we all know, this is what makes G+ unique - the level of engagement and participation in the fun games people create on here. No other social networking site have I seen something like what we have here. Not only is it simply interacting with people, but it brings a confidence to people who may have not realized their value, perhaps.

A few years ago I started #CROMEquickies , they were when I would make a post and offer easy peasey ways to get a portrait done of them....whether they were fist to respond, answered a question correctly, etc..etc..

Well, I think it's time to bring back the #CROMEquickies , not only do I need to make sure I remember to  brush up on my fundamental skills on the daily, I need to also pay my bills. ;o) 

Would you rather me make up some extravagant story? Or be real with you? Besides, it's a win/win! You get a CROME original to keep! :) 

So, I'm offering #CROMEquickies  for purchase of original drawing.

You have a few options:

A) 20min sharpie sketch (original) for $20
(more simplistic, sketchy and unfinished)
B) 1 hour sharpie + pen/ink (original) for $50
(sketchy - but more refined, more depth and character)
C) 2 hour sharpie + pen/ink + colored pencil for $99
(less sketchy, more defined with tone, depth and color; more polished)

All #CROMEquickies  will be created on 8.5" x 11" paper sketchbook paper, signed and finished within the time frame allotted. This only applies to images with one person, one dog or one living creature. Not your entire Family Reunion photo in 20 min with a sharpie for $25. LOL However, that would be quite interesting to see what I came up with in 20 min.....on that small of paper....with a sharpie, even. ;)

Fine, no rules. What you get is what you get. :)

If you need to discuss purchase of other artwork or are interested in a commission for other artwork, paintings, logos, or more extensive portraits - please private message me through here or gmail!

#CROMEquickies   #Sketch  

Send payments via paypal to, specify within the "message" area within the payment if you want like a different medium used. If so, there will be a $10 add on for being difficult. LOL :D

Crome Quickies
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TP Dogfighting

Yep, it's a thing. What should he dogfight next?


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how. many. times. can you watch this

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That's right, I said it


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Because. Disco Ball!

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I'm a few days late but, who cares, because baseball.

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Make way for CNN and March of the Asshats
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