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One of my favorite light-hearted series starring Bruce Campbell, now made extremely gameable by Jack Shear. Bravo, monsieur, bravo!

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Happy 4th (weekend)!!

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Any GM about to start a new campaign and some world design probably should read this first.

Stop raining...please.

Happy New Year!


I just download a copy of issue 3 (and purchased a print copy) from DTRPG and the file seems corrupted. This is what I wrote on the DTRPG page and I am reposting here.
I just recently download this issue (and bought a print copy) but the pdf seems corrupted.

Pages 1-3 (1-3 of 121) are blank. Page 3 (5 of 121 in the pdf) is not displaying correctly, and a number of pages (14-18 (16-20 of 121)) and so on are simply blank. A significant number of other pages are blank (or displaying as blank) as well.

I redownload a copy, but it is just as messed. Other items in my order displayed fine.

It does say to contact the publisher so I will. Just so you know, my Adobe reader is the most up to date version (11.0.13)

Thanks, Matt

So I finished all but the map for #hex 21.18. I am posting the text file to the site, and I will finish up the map and get it posted by tomorrow.

Compared to some of the other entries, mine might feel a little light, with a town of 650 residents and four encounter areas (a forgotten shrine, a haunted watchtower, a camp of Chaos worshipers, and some logging camps). IMHO, however, some of the other areas on this island seem overly busy.  I am not sure if 20+ entries for a single hex isn't overkill or not.

Was there something in particular we were aiming for as to encounter density?

Alright, I admit I have been behind on things. Happens when you are finishing your doctorate and recently graduated with a PhD. Anyway, I am back on the writing path and I will have my completed hex (21,18) up by the end of Xmas day. Mapping, that may take a while, but the contents will be up within the week.

I apologize for the delay.

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I gave up on Dwimmermount a while ago, though if it ever shows up I will be amazed.

Steampunk Musha, what can I say? Every so often there is a flurry of updates, then silence for months on end. That's another one that if it shows up, I don't know exactly what I am going to do with it because my interest and excitement faded a long time ago.
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