This week, we lost an agent in our community. But, our community is a very tight knit family that share a common bond through this game.

+ivan reid​ ,@warfighter53, was more than just an Ingress agent, though. He was an American Hero having served our country for 14 years in the U.S. Navy and had been a part of Enewetak Atoll clean up group. He was also served as a police officer, firefighter, and paramedic. He also was a loving Husband to +Kristi Reid​  and Father. He will truly be missed.

He will be laid to rest tomorrow, and as a community, we are hoping that you will see fit to fast track this portal approval so that his memorial portal will be live for his funeral, and can be part of his final ceremony.

Please, make this happen for us!

Edit: It is our plan to submit a picture of his memorial once it is in place.

+Niantic Project​ +NIA Ops​ #PortalGem
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I think any company worth its salt should be more than happy to commit to the memory of fallen players.
We not only lost a friend but a hero as well. Pull the strings make it happen.
Good work, agents! Let's get that portal approved. Should be plenty of XM right there.
There was never a more deserving spot for a portal
Given the number of portals already in cemetaries, accepting this should be a no-brainer, +NIA Ops . Please make this happen. 
Please make this happen. I never met the man but anyone that will serve our country in the military for 14 years as well as being a member of the police and fire is more deserving than anyone I could think of.
+Joe Philley+Brian Rose+NIA Ops​ 
We from Corpus Christi Resistance send our condolences. And I am almost positive, that we would all agree with this portal submission. +NIA Ops+Joe Philley​ 
+Jeremy Fountaine You, sir, are a troll and an idiot. Ingress is the venue in which many interacted with @warfighter53 so it is absolutely fitting to request a portal in memoriam. Your insensitive trolling on this post shows your lack of character and honor. Clearly you are the antithesis of the man we are trying to honor in a game he loved. You clearly have forgotten this is a game that involves real people and a real community who are trying to mourn a great man. I feel sorry for you. 
+Jeremy Fountaine​, for clarification, not that you have in any way earned it, but the plan was for his wife to have the honor of claiming the portal with his scanner at the end of his ceremony. When he was laid to rest, honoring yet another thing in his life that he loved.
Did it work out? Based on wording, I am led to believe not...
+Jeremy Fountaine​​ thank you for the life guidance. I will forever remember this valuable lesson you have taught me. Very wise are you. Best wishes on the happiest of lives.
What is your gamer tag Jeremy? Just for future reference. 
I am forever in dept to the amazing men who put their lives in danger to sustain the way of life that we take for granted so often. I don't know how to express my sorrow for you, Kristi. Or your families. I can, however, express the fundamental truth that your families are heroes and I am not only in your debt, but I am here for you, in RL. Video games are silly when it comes to the realizations of life and death and family and love. The bottom line is that we are with you, support you, believe in you, and appreciate you and your family. Please understand how many of us feel how much we appreciate you. And please do not hesitate to ask ANYTHING of us. We are her for you in RL. I am.​
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