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A good friend cheers me up with
the best cartoons.
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Matthew Oelking

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Thanks for the room
Today's design inspired by the elegance and unique detail of these Amelie grey slipper chairs by @laylagrayce #interiordesign #homedecor #live #gorgeous #realestate#fireplace #modern #grey #decor #decoracao #homeinterior #livingroom 
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It is so cold and dark. Nice Orange clock though.
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Matthew Oelking

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Birthdates do not matter. Remember people to remember people.
Ya know we learn from history wi dunt lurn frum Hiz Story?
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Matthew Oelking

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What Would You Say
Thanks DAVE n Band

Is a freeman's Anthem!!!!!!!!
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Matthew Oelking

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Solar Panels over cemeteries. ..we built a Dome and many other buildings on this sacred ground.

Cemeteries are near the center of many areas and grids. I hear this is an issue. It seems the distance from grid to panel fields can cause a waste of power and effectiveness.

Perhaps there is an architect to design a sort of erect-or-set which would be aesthetically pleasing and respectful. It could be like an open-air aquarium. Visit loved ones while it rains. It will be cooler in summer and the panels will provide outdoor fans in regions like New Orleans where you feel like you could die it is so hot!

Enjoy the sweet dividend checks, not sweet tea. Sweet Tea is a Southern thing, not a New Orleans thing. We like to be sweet and give folk the choice. We do not sell OPTIONS.

The Architect works with a team of engineers led by a woman or man. Carpenters and laborers shall be utilized in abundance. Everyone works smart and with safety first in mind. Accidents are not funny and they are expensive. Hire plenty enough people and organize and distribute the work so getting the job done and done right is accomplished. Maybe we find it best to create the pieces at one location which is not sacred. Don't want a construction site on cemetery longer than necessary. Churches will not mind they preach the soul is in Heaven, agreed. They may feel the force to pony up some money for the project. So, it is really just wasted resource with bones and different relics."Golf courses and cemeteries are the biggest waste in real estate. Just ask Wang!"

Like Indiana Jones, I dig bones and relics, just not from a cemetery! I am not a sicko.
It will be respectful and peaceful.

Food delivered by a separately owned food truck or caterer.
Or, ask the workers as one or several of the spouses may need extra currency and want to trade dollars for home cooking.
Lord knows my wife has been volunteering me for stuff so I would gladly cook for some dollars.
I do enjoy volunteering, but come on women!Stop nailing us to crosses!!
Sorry Mom. My bad Michele.
You told me "You are crazy son. No solar panels on cemeteries. It is sacred ground" I wrote it anyway. Good Man Bad Boy.

This has been on my mind for a long time. Good to get stuff of one's chest even if the stuff is childish and silly like the idea I propose.
It is so silly, simple, and childish it may work just fine. Or, maybe we just stick with oil.
This is not a hate blog, or any kind of movement or zeitgeist show or rebellion.
Let us just simply use the best of what's around and with our best intentions long term.

Thanks for the talk. I needed it!

God Bless Rodney Dangerfield and terrible (80%) golfers worldwide.

Matthew James Oelking
American Artist of Folkonomics
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I would recommend ONLY Kenneth Gowland +The Jedi at Metro Studio
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Matthew Oelking

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My Favorite Band of all time.

Got me through 20 tough years.

#DMB25 Summer Tour 2016 continues tonight at the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, OK. Show time is 8pm, see you there! - Dave Matthews Band - Google+
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Matthew Oelking

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This is a picture which tells millions of WORDS.
This is a guy who is free and getting better than free everyday.
He went to public schools.
He has had a job or worked or served in almost every industry of goods and services since age oh about 1 or maybe just say BIRTH.
He shares what he calls the KNOWLEDGE of all stuff and some COLLEGE.
To help folk share by OWNING
Good Investments in real peoples not fake steeples AND not being hung
Like a tie-wearing, private school going,
sycophantic PHONY.

Battle Scars Everwhere. Which makes me Born Hard to Start.

mateo oelking
Matthew J Oelking
Artist of Folk and Economics
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Or L.S.U. Geaux Tigers!
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Matthew Oelking

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"Boomer Millennial Poetry"

No need for boots
i may find a poem
in a flower
or a message
or a lost piece of me
it never knows!
you may find a flower
in my poem
or a message
or a lost piece of you
i never know!
we just pass through

#flowerphotography #ipadphotography #sooc #poetry #poemography
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Sorry, this would be funny money, or not? Not an opinion or recommendation to buy sell or do anything w securities or security of people.
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Matthew Oelking

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The World is not to revolve around money.
I prefer love.
Ever ask for love and everyone else talks money?
Never ask for love from folk who are only worried about their money.
Participating with folk who see and hear God via money
Can be really TAXING
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Matthew Oelking

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A really big number. A #. A digital expression. Digital and Internet connector of folk around the world.

How many people learned what GOOGLE was before the internet?????

It is a 1 with a whole lotta zee-rows behind it. Like 100.
This could be helpful if done well and for GOOD. We have resources both good and bad, human and natural we must preserve like fossils or old Art.

Facebook is a little different. You know what different means right? Like one hundred and a google are far from the same.
Ever study War/History/Econ? Maybe read a little Mein Kempf? Nazi$ anyone? @nyone?
Facebook is a facist manifesto. A manife$to with a "capitalizt twi$t". A 3 way RADIO.
They gather METRICS. They are not just being your friend dumbass. You share they gather. You throw out your love seeds THEY GATHER!! Zee data is worthless, we gather zee metrics.
Did he even create, OR STEAL????
TIME has put all sorts of devils on their cover.

I have watched my Father's distribution system of capital good get used for EVIL since 2000. Strip clubs and satellite bars for intoxicating beverages and commercial televisions. Drug companies for genocide. Bondage. FacismBooks.Bail-out $ for politicians and tax collectors galore. Neighborhood and child raping by "churches" of all sorts and sex.

And, the sheep are told by the shephard to not INVEST in all this DEMAND, but to idolize GOLD and be a communist draped in your "wealth".Chris Rock can teach you better.

I am done for now. Got to get my wife and kid to work and school. I am so weird no one is listening anyway.

Pops said, "people ARE literally the sheep now son. They all believe and are staring into and idolizing the GOLDMAN's Boob-Tube."

I miss my Dad, and I am glad my Mother is always here with me.

Matthew James Oelking
American Louisianan
Artist of Folk and Currency

If you are busy spell checking instead of learning or thinking you may go to hell.

God Bless us all
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Matthew Oelking

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The gold is just for later. We get bored and want to party space looking for Our Father Who Art in Heaven.

It was never money. It is pretty replaceable and useless and it is NOT GOD.
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Matthew Oelking

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We could use oil platform infrastructure to CONNECT the Americas . Make long bridges an electric conveyor belt run by solar or fossil fuels. Or whatever power makes sense. Sorry cents, we focussing on our DOLLARS, now.

The Causeway bridge was quite an accomplishment. Perhaps, the oil platforms and infrastructure shall be useful again.
Oil men do not mess around. They make the best of what's around them. They leave a mark on history. Universities and charities know this. I have family in Guatemala and hate airplane travel.
Maybe make the whole bridge one big conveyor belt. Get on, RIGHT LANE ONLY, turn off engine and chill out. Drinks and food service along the way. A medi-vac helicopter fleet or drowns shall monitor for safety and civility.
Try passing in the left instead of staying in line you are not warned. You are OFF for a day maybe a year. Offenses compound, so shall the days OFF.
Right now folk drive like Anikan on too much caffeine and nicotine. Folk flying around at HIGH speeds is unsafe and may be physically damaging. Astronauts do not fly missions daily. Why are we Hell's Angeling around Mother Earth busy in our minds as we have been instructed via satellite? Oh, I answered my own question. Is this rude?
Whatever, I hate myself and want to sex my own Mom according to doctrine.
Ine---"ine"...Caffeine, Nicotine, Doctrine. Hmmm.
So, back to the Causeway Idea. Back to Celeste's belt. Ouch! Stop hitting me Mom and I won't want my wife to beat me up later for me to listen to her.
The challenge now is folk scared or fearing their boss or manager. The clock is digital, with no bells ringing, and we are now more TIME programmed than in the history of TIME.
Instead of killing oneself or others, destroying and damaging infrastructure and resources speeding, slow down. Car off. Take a nap. CHILL OUT. Drop your stress and INSURANCE cost. Yeah, Insurance! I am not even ready to discuss this B.S. to no degree. No degree-No big deal.
No more worrying whether boss is mad you are late. One best be concerned what she will say and do when you report you will miss all next week because you are a selfish maniac with a deathwish and were removed and whipped by Marie Celeste with Amos John's CONVEYOR BELT.
Get the picture?
Maybe this would not sound crazy if the boob-tube or Facebook said it was cool.

Once again I thank Google for listening. Hope they do not steal my idea. I do not care about tradable currency, just do not take my credit?? What??!!
Sorry Pops, sometimes even stupid TV commercials get to me. Do not worry though. Michele bought a ROKU so Adelaide will not be brain damaged.
NO GOALKEEPING EITHER. So her little artist brain may develop in love potions not satellite packaged or "structured products".

"And while I spend these hours five senses reeling, I laugh about this world through my satellite eyes." Thanks DMB.
Thanks Chantelle-Fisher-Borne and Dr John Protevi. Two really brave Americans they are, like the Hell's Angels.

Matthew James Oelking
Artist of Folkonomics

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