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+Sonos it'd be great if the Windows desktop app could minimize to the system tray, rather than the taskbar. Other than that, love the desktop app!

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Why isn't this standard +Inbox by Gmail?  Play Music has it.

+Andyroid Net Download r46 and it's running Android 4.2.2. Do you guys plan on upgrading the Android version any time soon to 5 or 6?

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CM said we could look at stable CM13 releases by end of January. We are approaching end of February. Anyone have inside knowledge as to when the new stable release is looking to be released?

Looking for a light weight CMS that only handles data that I can query things from via ID.  Not a DNN or Sitecore or Umbraco that the entire site sits on the CMS, just a CMS that provides user-friendly interface for content editors and an API for devs to pull content.  Does this even exist?

MMS seems to be an issue.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  It will says "Downloading" forever.  The only way to ensure I get the MMS messages is to turns off Wifi, so it seems to be that the OS or the app isn't smart enough to switch radios to DL MMS messages.  I've tried using the stock MMS app with CM 12.1 and I've tried Hangouts.  Is there a way to resolve this? It's very annoying to not see group messages because I'm on wifi (which I usually am at work and home).

Running latest 12.1 nightly on M8.  HUGE battery drain.  Used to have battery last for 36 hours, looking at about 5 now.  Biggest drainer appears to be Google Services.  Anyone else seeing this?

M8 running latest 12.1 nightly. I find that my Wi-Fi drops and won't reconnect unless I manually do it. Happens pretty frequently. Anyone else have this or know how I can fix?
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