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Seems to me that Google is helping make the iPhone 5 more compelling than Android. Fantastic Google Maps, Gmail, and Google+ apps along with all the great things about Apple and its ability to stay above the carriers, bring apps first to iOS, and give people access to a world of accessories really make me question carrying an Android device.
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Until Apple allows for better integration with the OS, Android will continue to be much better. Specifically, you should be allowed Google Maps to be the default maps app. Gmail to be the default email app, etc.
It's all about retaining the user. If they didn't have these tools available on iOS wouldn't they face a real possibility that the iPhone customer suddenly uses whatever tool is best integrated to that platform? 

I'm sure they have internal debates about this.
It shows that it is really all about the apps. You can have a great platform like WindowsPhone 8 and just not have the apps that people want. Developers are waiting for user numbers and users are waiting for apps. There may be no room left for a third mobile OS. Hard to top iOS with the number and quality of top apps that it offers.
Does Google really care what platform you use Google apps on?
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