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+Bryan Lunduke​ Eternal debt, you say? Done! 

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Remy DeCausemaker will report on the state of the CommOps subproject.

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Getting closer.  Hard to work around all the syscalls that aren't implemented yet. +Fedora Project on Windows 10 or bust!

Also, the "Downloading from the Windows Store" message when installing the Ubuntu userspace is a total lie.  It is literally downloading a tar.gz of the rootfs and a .ico file from an Azure server.  The Microsoft Store has nothing to do with it.

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Wouldn't it be great if the leadership of the various Linux distros got together and talked in a public way?  Wouldn't it be even better if it was moderated by a puppet?  We did just that.

Now publicly available: Mr. Lunduke talks "Linux Distro Collaboration" with leadership from the +Fedora Project, +openSUSE and +Ubuntu.  We talk about how these big Linux distributions currently work together and how they can work together better in the future.

Thanks to today's panel:

+Richard Brown - openSUSE Board Chairman
+Michael Hall - Ubuntu Community Manager
+Matthew Miller  - Fedora Project Lead

In the future I would love to include leaders from other distros in this as well.  The more the merrier.

Obligatory plug: Want the latest and greatest Mr. Lunduke videos before the rest of the world?  My Patreon patrons were watching this video yesterday while all of you were probably really, really bored.

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Fedora council meeting from earlier today — watch +Pravin Satpute present on the state of our #g11n subproject — that's Globalization, including Localization, Translation, Internationalization, and so on.

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Pravin Satpute presents on the Globalization subproject

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The Fedora Council is having a meeting about this in a couple of hours (17:00 UTC) via hangouts on air.

Dear everyone who makes things that plug in: just because you can put a very bright glowing LED on it doesn't mean you should. The corner of my room with various battery chargers looks like a Christmas tree on steroids.

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F23 Alpha is Go, fun at Flock, Firefox, Rawhide, and more.

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I got a request yesterday to remove +Seth Vidal 's ghost bike in 45 days. This is why I signed the letter below. Please feel free to forward and share.

An Open Letter to the City of Durham

A "ghost bike" is a bicycle that has been painted white, and placed along a roadside in memory of the killing of a cyclist at that place. Two such memorials in Durham were recently removed because one person complained.

Now the clock is ticking on a third ghost bike because that same person has lodged another complaint. We don’t know Mr. Khalil Nasir, but he most assuredly does not speak for us. Neither does he speak for many others who live in or visit Durham. Under the current policy on roadside memorials, however, his voice is the only one that is being heard. Whether you agree with the placement of ghost bikes (and other such memorials) or not, this has to give pause to the community at large. One person has been given the power to be both judge and jury as to the presence of roadside memorials in the City of Durham. These memorials represent the free speech rights of both the loved ones of those killed and the public-at-large to memorialize their loved ones, to grieve as they see fit, and to remind people of the consequences of their actions. The current policy, as written, allows any person to deem a roadside memorial a nuisance and lodge a complaint. The policy doesn’t require that person to be a citizen of Durham, to demonstrate that the memorial impacts their life in any way, or to show that the memorial is, in fact, a nuisance. If a person complains, then the memorial must be removed. This is at best misguided, and at worst a gross infringement of the free speech rights of those impacted.

The City Council seems to have decided that, because it has no idea as to how to fix the policy, this same policy it knows to be broken should stay in place. Having been partners or friends with someone whose untimely death is represented by one of those ghost bikes, we call on the City to do better. Here is our proposal: the complainant should attest under oath that he or she is a Durham resident that lives or works within 1/4 mile of the roadside memorial, and must specifically allege how the memorial poses a nuisance. The City should then, in conjunction with the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission, make a determination as to whether the memorial is actually a nuisance. For example, does the memorial block road maintenance? Is it in disrepair? If it is not a nuisance, it stays. If it is, then it can be removed. An appeals process should also be established to ensure this policy is fairly applied. Only with such a narrowly tailored policy can freedom of speech rights be preserved.

To do less is unconstitutional.

Eunice Chang, Partner of Seth Vidal
Elizabeth Witzke, Partner of Kent Winberry
Carrie Anne Orlikowski, Friend of Seth Vidal
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