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Playing with Saurian's Genericometer
There's a dinosaur game in development called Saurian. Have you heard of it? You should really check out! It's shaping up to be super cool and extremely rigorous when it comes to science and coming up with accurate portrayals of an extinct ecosystem. Check ...

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You're Doing It Wrong: Microraptor Tails and Mini-Wings
Type specimen of Zhenyuanlong , doing its best Archaeopteryx impression. Just a short PSA today, and once again, it's about a paleoart meme that has outstayed its welcome. Microraptor was the first time we got a good look at the feather pattern of dromaeosa...

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The First Feathered Dinosaurs (In Art)
The first illustration of a hypothetical "pro-avis" by Pycraft, 1906 Feathered non-avialan dinosaurs seem commonplace now, and it's hard to believe that there was a time, in living memory for some of us, when they were purely speculative. It makes sense, of...

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The Crane and the Microraptor
Quick post on a recent taxonomy fail: I checked my Wikipedia account this morning to discover that several protobirds had been reclassified. Aurornis , Anchiornis , Xiaotingia , and some microraptorians were now displaying the family name "Tetrapterygidae"....

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The Year of the Ceratopsian Ankylosaurs
Life restoration of a stegosaur- I mean ankylosaur ( Ankylosaurus magniventris ) by Emily Willoughby ,  CC-BY-SA. When digging into the history of North American fossil interpretation for the eventual next edition of my Beasts of Antiquity series, one thing...

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Ironically, for an adult triceratops this size, it was more accurate at this stage before they added the big triangular epiossifications to the frill.
The Triceratops takes form.

Image: master character #FX artist Joey Orosco sculpting in clay the sick #Triceratops for JURASSIC PARK (1993) at #StanWinstonStudio. More about this big guy inside our Blog:

#LiveActionDinosaurs #Dinosaur #Sculpture #BehindTheScenes

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The American Museum Brontosaur - A History In Pictures
The wooden model used to explore poses for the original brontosaur mount is now on display beside the revised mount at the AMNH. Photo by the author. Here's one more post to commemorate the revival of the name Brontosaurus for the beast formerly known as Ap...

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The Brontosaurus Club
Brontosaurus excelsus - the triumphant return. By M. Martyniuk, all rights reserved. By now, anybody who's interested in paleontology, and their mother, and their great uncle, have probably heard the news: Brontosaurus is back! Of course, the more technical...

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The Evolving View of Stegosaurus
Mounted skeleton of Stegosaurus ungulatus at the Carnegie Museum. The tail, plate, and spike arrangement have been updated in this mount to reflect current thinking following the study by Carpenter (1998). Photo by Perry Quan , CC-By-SA 2.0. Seeing as how I...
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