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Matthew Loop
Dr. Matthew Loop is the highest paid social media revenue strategist in North America.
Dr. Matthew Loop is the highest paid social media revenue strategist in North America.

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The BIG Google Maps Ranking Factor Many Businesses Overlook 

There's no shortage of great ideas. There is a shortage of staying focused and executing on ONE thing for an extended period of time. Multiple ideas are usually the kiss of death because they pull you in too many directions. Your effectiveness gets diluted. Focus on one thing and see it through until completion.

I have a private client that's bouncing back from late colon cancer and sepsis right now. His doctors told him he'd be dead three times. His immune system decided otherwise. He wants to create a family business that will live long after he's gone and something his wife and kids can do. That lead us to a discussion about the large opportunity Amazon provides. I started showing him the ropes today and how to get profitable fast with private label products. I'm really looking forward to helping this client and his family WIN with this new venture. Amazon is so much less sophisticated than Google when it comes to selling. Their customer and seller support is 100x better, too. Not to mention Amazon is a BUYERS network. I'm feeling real good about this one ;)

Just had a Social Media Elite member out of Ontario send me this. He says, "Hi Matthew, want to share with you my first early results with the ad following your video last week. I set it up Saturday night at about 9pm. Went to bed that night. By Sunday morning I had 2 leads, one of them also emailed me for an appointment. By Sunday afternoon had 2 more for a total of 4. Monday, I called them all and they all booked appointments. Also, I had another person call without filling out the form. Booked him too. By Monday evening had 2 more leads. And early today, Tuesday, 1 other. That's 7 who filled out the form and 1 who called the office directly for a total of 8 leads. 5 Booked appointments so far in two days and following up with the others tonight. I'm booking into next week because I also did a screening this weekend and have new patients from that. While I was spending my time away from my wife on the weekend doing the screening, the FB ad was quietly bringing me new patients. Way better leverage of my time!! So far I only spent $18.75 on the ad ($7/day). Ad manager (cont...)

In less than two weeks I get the opportunity to speak from stage at Harvard. According to Business Insider, leading academic scholars, and many others around the world this university is ranked #1 in terms of reputation and prestige. Still seems a bit surreal. It's amazing what leveraging social media, consistent work, persistence, and relationship building can do. If you had the opportunity to speak at Harvard, would you do it?

"What is a good cost per lead to strive for on Facebook ads?" I get that question a lot. I have clients that pull leads (name, email, and phone number) for under $3.20 per. In other markets it might be $50 per. So, what's a good cost per lead? Keep it under $30 ideally. Leads are only one aspect of the equation, though. Closing is another thing altogether. If you close at least 40-50% of them your return on investment is going to be phenomenal. You can close a lower % and still do very well. However, it's smarter to work on most effectively communicating the value of your service to interested people so you can sign up a higher %. Assuming the ad targeting/copy is done well, if you continue on and can't even close a door you're sunk. The Facebook ad is not the problem.

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