I could use some help:

I need a laptop. I haven't ever bought one for myself before (self-built desktops at home, work laptops were provided). I am looking on the cheaper end of the spectrum (~$500 or less), thereby taking me out of the MacBook game unfortunately.

I need it for work stuff as the primary use: Office suite and Web first, others ater. It would be a bonus if I could use it down the line to shoot in tethered mode with my camera, but I recognize that I can't really do that in my price range. I also need top be able to fit my fingers on the keyboard without being cramped.

My question to you is this:
What should I get?

Do I need an i3/i5/i7 processor? how about sturdiness/reliability? Best place to buy? What else do I need to know? Do I need an extended warranty on a laptop?

Do you have any recommendations or advice for me?
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