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Quick update to Hangouts On Air
We've now rolled out to 100% of users in over 220 countries and territories! (

Just look for the new "Enable Hangouts On Air" option when starting a hangout. We can't wait to see what you'll share with the world. #googleplusupdate #hangoutsonair
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i think google is saving these huge video files in 1kb file!!
+Jaana Nyström yes, it is strange or "typical" that other much more small places like Svalbard and Jan Mayen get this feature before Danmark Finland and Norway..
+Bradley Horowitz has just explained that it is due to regulatory issues. Afaik, the German laws is making it extremely tough for Google to get this through in Germany
Thanks for the comments everyone. As +Bradley Horowitz has mentioned, there are regulations in some countries that are holding us back. As soon as possible we will add more countries - we want Hangouts On Air available for everyone, everywhere.
+Matthew Leske   Can you be more specific on what regulations in Denmark are holding you back? Just out of curiosity and to make it easier for us here to do some lobbying. :-)
Can you use hangouts to replace skype?  Skype is bandwidth inefficient.  Ventrilo is efficient, but requires a server.

Guess I could build my own html 5 chat service, but would need to expose my computer, or have a web server somewhere.
kiwi r
They did forget to mention Belgium on the list...(its working in belgium)
does anyone know how to fix this , stereo mix currently unavailable, if you google ( stereo mix currently unavailable) you will see a lot of people have this problem. but i have not read a way to fix it
The funny thing is, Åland has it and the last time I looked, it was part of Finland still...
(An island between Finland and Sweden, autonomous in a way but belongs to Finland).
YES, I'd like to know the reason too so that I could kick up a storm if there's something fishy preventing the HOA's...
Just let us know what we Europeans must do, including voting out our politicians and trashing their idiotic regulations.
+Matthew Leske When looking down the list of supported coutries it is a bit strange to see that Greenland and Faroe Islands (both independent territories, but a part of Denmark with mostly the same laws) are on the list - but Denmark is not? Any idea why Hangouts on Air is not yet available here?
Is there anyway to show and hide the LIVE video window from my channel if I'm not using it?
Why Åland has HOA but mainland Finland still doesn't? Any reason that we users could help to rectify, +Matthew Leske ?
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