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Hangouts On Air available in 10 more countries

In May we launched Hangouts On Air to users in over 220 countries and territories ( Today we’re adding another 10 countries, and we’d like to invite everyone in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Ghana, Greece, Norway, Romania and Senegal to broadcast your conversations to the world! (

Next time you start a hangout, just click “Enable Hangouts On Air”, invite your friends, then click “Start broadcast”. You can find more information here:

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Yeah, looks like Austria and Germany are there too!
Awwwwwwwsome - thanks to Google you made that possible - despite the German law. Great work, guys!
Why do I want record everything on YOU TUBE for and let everybody know what I am talking about. 
Hang out is by far the best feature of G+ 
Thank you, HO/HOA is the killer app for modern communication. Now Germany is in the club to work with HOA:)
Kenya  need that service please do not leave us.
Pasi, get a VPN connection in your phone and you are good to go!
Why did those countries take all this time to be included also
You will not get YOU TUBE on Apple iPhone or I-PODS for it not carried on there no more since two months ago
Actually, I am wondering why there was a delay. Many of these countries have arguably better internet infrastructure than the countries that got it first
+Kolja Butzki Looks like you will be able to join my HOA at 11:30 A.M. EST (3:30PM GMT) today. Available in Germany.
+Nachiket Vartak It's because of laws and copyright stuff.
+PHILIP CRAWFORD It's hard to understand you, but I guess you dislike that there is no Youtube something for apple anymore or... something... Well, tough times :D Better get a good android!
hi this prakash from India I want to frindship with u.
this is very interesting, like to join
Wow!  Great job getting all the agreements and technologies in place for all those countries!  Hangouts on Air are the best!
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