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Hangouts On Air: making live concerts more awesome with Studio Mode

Since we launched Google+ a little over a year ago, we’ve seen a thriving community of musicians connect with fans in really cool ways. In particular: singer/songwriters like +Daria Musk bands like +Suite 709  and many others are using Hangouts On Air to perform live for global audiences, and jam with fans face-to-face.

We wanted to make these live hangout concerts sound more like the stage, so today we're rolling out Studio Mode. As a musician, all you need to do is start your Hangout On Air, click settings, and switch from Voice to Studio Mode.

Studio Mode optimizes your individual audio for music instead of conversation, and no else needs to change a thing! Check out the video with +Suite 709  to hear the difference (and for the full effect, listen with your favorite pair of headphones).

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There would appear to be rather significant positive implications of this mode for some other applications as well.  Time to run my test again!
This is awesome.  Does this work if I am hosting a hangout but want one of my guests to have the studio mode instead of me?
I hope this becomes the new Myspace Transmissions. I really loved those.
This is awesome. With studio mode on, you can more easily hear the separation of instruments and the crash of the cymbals, for example, is more balanced.
Well, this is great news! Nice one. 
Option not rolled out to my accounts yet, apparently.
Very cool! Now if you could only perfect faster than lightspeed communication so people could jam in real time it would be awesome! ;)
Waoo maybe its not what I think
Fantastic improvement. I suspect this is what we're going to use for our shows anyway, since it'll support our fancy microphones.
Wiger Toods, it's the arrow in the top right corner. Click on it and click delete post.
Now they need to facilitate remote jamming via Hangouts. Handing off the sound from mic to mic only lets one player at a time be heard. They need a jam mode where all mics in the hangout stay hot.
Yofat J
This is awesome!
Anyone know how to do hangouts with multiple video feeds?
Great new additional feature!  Well done and thanks.
I'm surprised that video wasn't taken randomly down by Youtube's Content ID system, like the NASA videos or the one before with a bird singing in it.
This is the most significant hangout upgrade of the year IMO. w00t-worthy indeed.
Hey Matthew, This looks and SOUNDS awesome.  Just wondering if you there is any additional equipment needed to have it sound that good?  Can I just have my iMac input Audio/Video and that's it?

+Lenny Bennett though this feature works very well with external equipement, it will also work very well with built in microphones. It is only designed for music though and will make conversations difficult so be sure to switch back and forth in settings.
Does this just switch to the Vorbis audio codec?
Hopefully once hangouts switched to WebRTC, this would be solved by the opus codec.
This is very exciting and the sound is pretty good.
Any chance this might eventually roll out to regular hangouts?
Sweet tool. I was hoping that the Google+
Team would help us share our music.
can some 1 help me everytime i go to start a hangout it says i need to install plug in
Wow...yhay is awesome...nee toy...YES!...time to get in action on this..hmmmm
+Taylor Lynn google "google hangout plugin" and the very first result is a link to the plugin you need..
(too hard to share the link from my iPhone..)

Neat guys, this is going to get used! Thanks!
+Taylor Lynn Yes, you do have to install a plugin to stream video. The download link is right there, IIRC. The download isn't too big.
Just in time for the +Taylor Swift broadcast tonight, where she will be singing a new single live. Can't wait to hear how it sounds.
+Luis Valencia It works everywhere where Hangouts On Air is available, and we will be adding more countries very soon.
Cool, you can definitely tell the difference, well done guys
Now the next thing to improve is the image quality :-D
Wow, sounds less distorted and its got more depth to it.
Nice job!
The sound is a waveform of compression and rarefaction of the air or medium - it's not determined by "your ears." :-
I like this studio on line.  It's fun seeing the music being made, verses just hearing it, like a radio station.
And Suite 709, you guys make pretty good sounds, instrumentally.  I like the leads voice too.  But guys!  Get some good back up singers!
Your instruments may be in tune, but your voices are all over!
Not saying they gotta be girls even, but find some voices that blend with the lead, and that will make a real difference!
"Just saying."  But at least from this place, the music sounds real good, and the vids are great.
maybe I need better computer speakers. I can't hear a difference. 
Awesome! Thanks for doing this!!!
Hey Great tunes u Guys thank you...
i that the guy form the .T.V.
Oooooh. Love this new feature. :)
Can't wait to show ya'll what I can do :-D Thanks google+ for giving me another place to showcase! :-D
more noticeable on headphones or a good speaker system
Will there be an API for this?
+Cesar Torres I was the product manager for this feature, we had a team of great engineers working on this. Happy to discuss this with you further.
+Dave Veffer any participant in a broadcast can select studio mode, not just the broadcaster. So in your case any of your guests could enable it for their audio.
+Matthew Leske Are you able to choose a source for studio audio or is this for internal laptop mics only and the software does the rest ? 

Id like to be able to mix a DJ set with video and have the record out fed directly into Hangouts.. Is that or will that be possible :)   Thanks.
I didn't see an answer above so I'll ask again.  Any chance of creating a "Jam Mode" for Hangouts where everyone's mic stays hot, allowing simultaneous play from multiple participants instead of forcing participants to take turns?
+Matthew Leske,  I can't see that option in my hangout settings yet. Oh, I've found it... Why isn't that option available at the moment of creation of a hangout? And why is it for 'on air' hangouts only? I would like to be able to rehearse with some musicians in private mode, but having a good sound.
+Matthew Leske hey, great work! looking forward to it as a musician. is there any further information about it, technical-wise? :)
+Tom Longland you can select the source from the hangout settings. You will be able to use any audio input configured for your operating system, eg line in or external USB device.
+David Fairweather when there are multiple people in a hangout the delay between participants means that the music will never be in sync. You can give it a try, but there is always an issue because of delays that a real time performance from multiple simultaneous artists is very difficult.
Yes I know that even on a good day, there can be a beat or two of delay when trying to jam with other musicians in a hangout.   If you're playing a very simple tune, like a one chord blues boogie, sometimes the delay doesn't hamper things much.  It would still be nice if there was a mode to keep everyone's mic turned on.
+Matthew Leske thanks for the info, I look forward to checking it out.. looks like a lot of fun :)
Matts,that`s cool by knowing you & your bands group.I`m looking forward for Hangout & best wishes....                                                                 
What an amazing sound difference between the two.  Kudos to Matt and the Google+ team for giving us this awesome capability.
Sounds like a great band, and awesome new feature!  Good job on the update!
For bands looking for an easy way to connect your gear and actually do the show, check out a JamHub.  It's the perfect tool for doing this.  I'm going to try it with my band.
I've been in the Google Camp since about the early 2000's Gmail, docs and now I have a streaming station on Livestream playing YouTube videos. What does it take to get into the studio mode for Broadcasters like me???
+Carlos Romero it is quite simple, go to, clicks start a hangout, check "enable hangouts on air", then start a hangout on air and select the settings wheel in the top right. It will have an audio setting for voice or studio mode.
Is this a rolling rollout I tried to do an on air hangout in studio mode and did not have any such option :(
They still need to fix the intensive use of bandwidth from the broadcaster's end and optimize service. Not everyone has a  computer with 400 Gigs of RAM. Thus for me a broadcaster of YouTube vids and other sources the HD quality sound is not their yet and Google lack of informing the public about new products stinks.
How can i create custom URL.. Please provide us relevant links...
+Jeramiah Ross all accounts are enabled for Studio mode, but only for Hangouts On Air. You won't see the option in a regular Hangout.
Can anyone point me to any good examples of classical musicians using Studio Mode for rehearsals/performances?
Where do I install the app from? Can someone please send me a link?
+ten sense you select Studio mode from the settings pane inside the Hangout On Air. So just start a Hangout On Air and then in settings you can change to Studio mode. You don't need to install an app.
I seem to be having problems. I enabled studio mode, but the recorded broadcast on Youtube is still in mono. What factors affect the quality of Studio mode?
+Scott Oberlin you need a stereo microphone or stereo input to ensure you have a stereo recording. Beyond this the quality really depends on your network quality.  Try to ensure you aren't running too many other applications on your computer at the same time, and if possible use a wired ethernet connection instead of WiFi. If you can send me a link to the video I can take a closer look.
+Matthew Leske I was trying to run a piano VST to record straight to YT. My poor Core2 Duo couldn't handle it. Now that I have a Core i5 things are much smoother.
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