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A little more help managing your Hangouts On Air

Two months ago, I announced the cameraman app, which helps you manage your Hangouts On Air.  It lets you bring people “on stage” and “off stage” on cue.  You can be your own talk show host!  Today, we’re rolling out an update that also lets you give the “Vaudeville Hook” to one guest so you can bring your next guest in.

Next time you host a Hangout On Air, hover over the thumbnail video for people in the room, and you’ll see a new “eject” button.  

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I've been very impressed by the Cameraman app. It does what it's supposed to do, though does take some practice to learn how to use (lesson learned). I'm fairly sure someone could make it easier to use (needs a bit more human factor in engineering methinks).
Excellent, +Matthew Leske! People have been asking for this for a long time... it's great to have it available.

Is this implemented in the Hangouts API yet? Is there a timeline to adding to the API if not yet there?
Sounds great. I have been waiting for something like this.
Does Eject here do anything besides kick them out? No block or Ignore is added, right? Is there a warning before it works, or 1 press and BAM they're gone? +Matthew Leske 
I think it gives you the option to block them
I'm sure they will post a video or more info soon.
+Angelocracy Xue most times it is up to us users/early adopters to make the video showing how it works - from my experience ;-)
AC Cruz
This is sooooo Awesome!!!! Thanks!
I think many of us were waiting for this before using HOA in a very public manner. Well done!
+Chad LaFarge - I was unable to see the Eject button. A good thing for the host.

The two visible buttons are to mute 1) video, and 2) audio, just as in the past.

Which makes me wonder, +Matthew Leske , will this feature roll out slowly? Or is it already available HoA-wide?
+Al Navas it should be available now. It is only for HOA and of course as the broadcaster you can't eject yourself, only other participants.
+Daniela Richter The Host has the option to Block while Ejecting, it's not an automatic action. Depending on why they are using the Eject feature, blocking is a natural additional step.
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