"[scientists] are very often called upon to give technical information in one way or another, and I think one cannot be too careful to be honest.  And it is very difficult, not because one tells lies, but because so often questions are put in a form which makes it very hard to give an answer which is not misleading.  I think we will be in a very weak position unless we maintain at its highest the scrupulousness which is traditional for us in sticking to the truth, and in distinguishing between what we know to be true from what we hope may be true."

J. Robert Oppenheimer, farewell speech to Los Alamos 1945, reprinted in J. Robert Oppenheimer: A Life by Abraham Pais, Ch.12 p. 57 (OUP 2006)

Oppenheimer was primarily talking about advising governments and the military, but from a modern perspective he could just as well be talking about the state of science journalism and the whole PR hype machine.
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