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Matthew Kaskavitch
Social Media Nerd: Living One Day at a Time
Social Media Nerd: Living One Day at a Time

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Snapchat will be one of the hottest social platforms for higher education this year. Here are four best practices you can start using today!

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Ever wonder what Denver would look like if you could visualize all of the Twitter activity from around the metro? 

#Denver   #Twitter   #SocialMedia   #Visualization  

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Social media managers may be one the most misunderstood and stressful positions within any company.

#SoMe   #SocialMedia    #Technology  

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Deflate-Gate exploded last week across social media. We take a deep look at who started the hashtag and just how far this conversation has reached across the globe.

#DeflateGate   #SuperBowlXLIX   #NewEnglandPatriots  

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Whenever I give a talk to local businesses they ask about the technical aspects of social media. The questions revolve around technology. However, these are not the most important questions to ask.

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The Marysville school shooting tragedy again illustrates how hashtag creation occurs during major breaking news on Twitter. Find out what you cannot do if you're a key player in crisis communications on Twitter.

#MarysvilleShooting   #SMEM   #CrisisCommunications   #Twitter  

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Jefferson County has been a hotbed of civil disobedience the past few weeks. We dig into the data and see who is influencing the conversation and just how far this movement has reached across the world via social media. 

#JeffCo   #JeffCoStandUp   #JeffCoSchoolBoardHistory  

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Here is my tip: Don't do this!

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This barn in Arkdale, Wisconsin has been calling my name for weeks. Finally, today was the day. I pulled over just before sunset to capture this HDR image on the side of WIS HWY 21.

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Such an awesome piece of equipment. I've seen similar setups racers around Wisconsin use at the drag strip and X-cross races. 
This is bad ass!!! I love what +Justin Jensen and +Chris Anderson are doing at Cinetics. I'd look for CineSkates and CineSquid to be big hits at SXSW with my photo and video junkie friends +C.C. Chapman +Steve Garfield +Robert Scoble +Kevin Rose +Aaron Strout and +Jim Storer
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