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Happy 28th Birthday to the GIF!

"The GIF is turning 28 years old.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve noticed youngins refer to a GIF by its apparently original pronunciation (Jif, like the peanut butter), which I’ve never been able to embrace.

This has been a long fought disagreement, but, regardless of your pronunciation, the GIF’s sexy sister, the animated GIF, has grown up into a powerful tool."

Read entire article:

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Everyone's looking for ways to cut through the clutter. Learn how the Gif, with its element of surprise, can do just that.
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+Matthew Kaboomis Loomis Your'e only two? Oh. . .  Wrong two/to/too. Never mind. I do remember getting to like those animated GIFs when they came out. Course I am aging myself. Oops. This was before the many video stuff, long before U-Tube. . . Oops, aging myself again. I can't win. Anyway I like the GIF. I had a lot of programs (a while ago, see getting smarter about hiding age) that created the different forms. Each program only read and wrote from 3 to 6 formats. So, to copy from one format to another I might have to use more than 2 programs. It was still fun though. I am not sure if I still have some of those animated GIFs or not. I also still use the format for some graphics.
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Definitely the biggest lesson learned is "don't put all your digital marketing eggs in one basket."

Beware of social media guru's who only hard sell one particular platform.

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+Terry Hutchinson I feel you. I like this platform a lot. Don't want to see it go. But for some reason, watching social media gurus ignoring reality aggravates me. That's why I share these articles--let's face the truth about G+ so we can either save it or prevent our hearts from getting crushed. Don't just keep whistling past the graveyard. Know what I mean?  
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Breaking Blog News: Hope Solo & Ben Bernanke Start Personal Blogs

If you find women's soccer or the banking industry interesting, you'll want to check out these two new blogs, where both Solo and Bernanke let their hair down (well, maybe just Hope does that ;) and talk openly and candidly about their industry and their personal life.

Bernanke says his blog will also include an occasional post on baseball.

If you like this report, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel:

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Why a Jack of All Trades Blogger Outperforms the Specialist Blogger

Last week, I stumbled upon two different podcasts that proposed the same theory: The entrepreneur is better off being a jack-of-all-trades than being a specialist.

Something about that clicked with me, because my own experience has confirmed this, despite living in a culture that screams, “Specialize! Specialize!”

Now, you might be thinking, “Matthew, I’m not an entrepreneur. I’m a blogger.”

Oh. Okay.

So you don’t want to grow an audience? You don’t want to earn any income with your blog? You just want to write your thoughts down and you don’t really care if anyone reads what you write?

Maybe you should just buy a pen and notebook to journal?

You see, I've concluded that blogger/entrepreneur are married (unless you just want an online diary and don't care about an audience.) If you do care about growing an audience and earning income with your blog, you must be entrepreneurial.

And just about everyone, including +Gary Vaynerchuk  and Tim Ferris , agree that an entrepreneur is best served being a generalist, not a specialist.

You can be a specialist on the front end of your blog as far as your content or niche, but in the back end, a blogger has to do MANY different things to succeed.

Bloggers +Brent Jones and +Marisa Goudy have already said they concur. 

How about you? Why or why not?  

#bloggingtips   #blogging101   #bloggingforbusiness  
Gary Vaynerchuk and Tim Ferris are successful online entrepreneurs. They understanding blogging and know a jack of all trades will succeed the most. Here's why:
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Matthew Kaboomis Loomis

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Essential web writing advice.

This new podcast provides concentrated doses of +Demian Farnworth, Chief Content Writer at +Copyblogger  

You get 4 minutes a day of pure, unadulterated web writing advice from someone passionate about the craft: what works, what doesn't, and how to do it.

4 minutes of your life well spent:

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Consider this your warning. Announcement coming Monday. 
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This looks great +Matthew Kaboomis Loomis ... going in to my podcast app now!
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Saw this on Facebook. Another erroneous piece of journalism?
Writer says G+ will be "scrapped for parts."

True or False? 
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Somebody said this recently and I liked it: "If a social media platform has a bunch of people writing user guides on it, that SM probably needs work." 
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Which Editorial Calendar Do You Recommend and Why?

I'm curious what my blogging friends use to plan and schedule their future blog content? Why? Let's talk about it here. With your permission, I would like to include your answer in an upcoming article on this topic. You and your website will be included in the article.

For the record, I'm using the +Content Marketing Institute Editorial Calendar. I chose it because first and foremost, CMI is a trusted source to me when it comes to content marketing. I also like its simple Excel spreadsheet arrangement.

It's been around for 5 years, so apparently many people are enjoying it.

You can download it yourself here:

Would love to hear which editorial calendar you recommend.

Have a fantastic week!


Please share your answers: +Ana Hoffman +Thomas E. Hanna | +Brent Jones +Demian Farnworth +Henneke Duistermaat +Wade Harman +Mike Allton +Mike Elgan +Brandon Schaefer +Donnie Bryant +Roger Bush +Ryan Healy +Ryan Hanley +Chris M Cloutier +Christine DeGraff +Gina Fiedel +Ruud Hein +John Paul Aguiar +Kimberly Reynolds +Nick Usborne +Christian Vedder +Dustin W. Stout 

  #contentmarketing   #contentstrategy   #blogging   #buildyourownblog  
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+Dustin W. Stout I'm writing the post and now I want to test +CoSchedule out! Thanks for sharing this! I'll let you know when the post is live, if you don't see the trackback first.  
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Matthew Kaboomis Loomis

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This one's for +Demian Farnworth and all the glamour boys out there.

My way of celebrating Demian's podcast success...

Cheers to all the glamour boys who are fierce (like the song sings.)

Have a glam slam week!
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Haha, I am fierce!
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Hey, Leading Bloggers! It's that time again...

Time to share your most recent and decent blog post with peers like +Mike Allton , +Carolyn Capern +Kathryn Aragon +Katherine Kotaw +Sharon Hurley Hall +Brent Jones +Ron Sela and 797 others, a wide mix of experience levels.
It's a great place to find answers and get new ideas. I have never seen such a democratic, ego-less online blogging community as this one.

If you're interested in checking this out for the first time:
It's that time again... jump in and share your "latest and greatest" blog post in the Leading #Bloggers discussion thread on LinkedIn:
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Why is Google Plus Dead in the Evening?

Serious question: Why do so few of you use G+ after around 1 p.m.?
Especially the die hard users and the biggest G+ cheerleaders, even they are rarely seen on G+ at night.

I don't get why...anyone have an answer to this conundrum?

#Googleplus   #google   #socialmedia  
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I think it's mostly who you are following. It sounds like you've managed to find a cadre of disciplined people who segment their lives into discrete blocks of time devoted to specific activities.
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Matthew Kaboomis Loomis

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The internet is not broken. No need for a fix here.

Here in America, freedoms continue to slip away, despite what party is in power.
Like Mark Cuban said, government regulations will only slow down the progress of the internet.

Be careful what you wish for. 
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+Matthew Kelly I think you missed the mark here a bit.

Net Neutrality doesn't mean everyone gets the same level of Internet service — we, the customers, pay for different speeds.

However, on top of me, the customer, paying more or less for faster/slower internet, the ISPs want to charge content providers for how slow/fast they deliver their content to me.

Didn't I already pay for my speed? Am I not entitled to get what I paid for? 
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As an online business owner, I have found myself turning to Christian Vedder for tips and advice on all things video related. His blog is a helpful resource with lots of video marketing secrets. I know he's a hard worker and very professional with his craft. Next time I need video work, I'll be giving him a call.
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