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Baby steps to shooting lasers out your eyeballs. Oh and curing blindness too I guess.
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+Matthew J Price, when I first made contact with +Gerd Moe-Behrens, we were chatting about whether the military would start using gene therapy on soldiers to give them unaided low-light and IR vision, by isolating the genes that code for this in primate night vision, then injecting these into the soldiers' eyeballs.

With bionic implants you could theoretically go even further and create a hive mind, with soldiers able to see through each others' eyes, giving increased combat situational awareness and group coordination. It would also be very useful from a battlefield command-and-control viewpoint, as what the soldier sees can be transmitted back to the battlefield commander at the base of operations.

There are projects +DARPA are currently funding that are already moving in this direction, such as Silent Talk. See
+Andrew King there's a lot to think about certainly, but I don't think the military will be too far ahead of public opinion when it comes to soldiers with bionic enhancements.  It receives too much critical scrutiny to do something just because it's a good idea
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