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this is test, to see if lots of mentions of a local business like will improve local rankings for a plumber in kingston, ontario.

Please re-share this link on your google+ profile to help this test.
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I was doing a test on this too and didn't find it helped, but I am really curious to see what you discover!
will do Lisa, not much movement yet, but hoping to get a lot more shares to tell.
so just a quick update - 24 shares and 7 +'s and no movement yet. 

i wonder if we tried adding NAP info in the re-share if that'd would have helped.

I was going for the mention of "plumber + kingston, ON" to see if the mention of the keywords + link to their GP page would give a boost if a bunch of creditable google+ accounts re-shared it would maybe give a boost.  kinda like a twitter RT boost from having keywords in tweet.

next test I'll do will be with NAP info on different listing.   do you guys want to participate in that one too?
Sure! I am really curious to see if it works
no movement guys. gonna try a new test.
thanks +Michael Niren
+Sean Doherty
+Darren Shaw
+Nyagoslav Zhekov
+Matt McGee
+Jackson Lo
+Courtney Rogers
+Julie Gallaher
+Collin Kromke
+Jessica Obermayer
+Morgan Enroughty
+Chris Butterworth
+Steve Harmeyer
+Geo Seo
+Bryan Phelps
+Gav Heppinstall
+Michael Gray
+Seth Keeler
+Matthew Shepherd
+Sean McGinnis
+Nicholas Pratt
+Lisa Pluth
+Dawn Wentzell
+Greg Gifford
+Jason Acidre
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