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Matthew Hooper

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Collaboration maturity means that I can leverage the skills and knowledge of any employee at any time to get my job done, with tools that make it seamless. A panacea worth shooting for.

I haven't had this much fun on the podcast in a while. Thanks +Matt Beran +Matthew Hooper +Farah Remtulla #hackbiztech #itsm
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Matthew Hooper

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So crazy awesome!!!
That is the definition of .... "EPIC"!
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unreal! that is sick
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Matthew Hooper

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Everyone in IT is worried about "Shadow IT"... that is except Peter Pan, James Dallas & Walmart.  I'll assume you get why Pete's not afraid of Shadow IT. James Dallas is former CIO of Georgia Pacific and Medtronics.  James says "I'm fine with Shadow IT, as long as I am casting the Shadow".  Walmart is pulling a completely different view.  They are calling their Shadow IT - Business IT.  (Them Arkansas folks like to keep it simple...  and so do I)...
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that's my point. Collaborative means Distributed IT not Dark IT. Shadow IT is not an excuse for business units to go it alone.
IT is not only about T. The IT function is almost always accountable for the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the company's data. Dark IT often puts those at risk. I've seen too many examples myself.
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Matthew Hooper

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Thanks +Robert Falkowitz +Stuart Rance  - My use of lean and the approach is the direction many product vendors are taking to get their products stood up.  Thus at least here in the states, we have this "goal" oriented mindset, where the tool is "live" the project is done.  MVP in my opinion needs to focus on the V more than the M.  MVP in an innovation culture of new product and market Minimal go to market to test the validity is fine.  However, we are talking about proven methods and product landscapes here.  I believe it sets up the IT team for failure by focusing on "getting ITSM in"... see my post

Tool implementations must be done in phases, but to leave out Knowledge and Reporting seems to make it a purely a technology upheaval.

Again thanks for the feedback and comments
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Matthew Hooper

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Definite read for anyone involved with GRC, ITSM or CyberSecurity.  
When subject to an audit DevOps process can be challenging for auditors to understand, it is important that process that track everything are used.
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To be honest, it is about scope and being bound by scope. DevOps initiatives can be audited just fine within a well defined, narrow scope of services. ISO 20k can help a lot here, as can Lean. 
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Matthew Hooper

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My latest blog post- using Digital Transformation for improving ITSM
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Matthew Hooper

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Matthew Hooper

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There has to be a better way to manage personal digital media...
Somewhere along the line I fell into the trap that cloud vendors had my best interest in mind.  Let me pick on photos, since this is where most humans are clouding their digital selves...A few years back I wholesale switched to Apple products.  A major decision for me was so called "uniformity".   iCloud was going to store all my docs, messages, and yes my photo's.   I am even one of those freaks who pays for iCloud.  My iPhone setting: Backup to...
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So much for PULSE being the savior of LinkedIn retention....

Thanks Skep... You don't have 3 daughters who went through teenage years.  :) 2 of my girls are super artsy. Most of its video - but also lots of high-def photos.  

Digital Media should not be this hard to manage in 2015...
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Matthew Hooper

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CIO's are soon going to here about DevOps and be faced with the question, is this the right thing for me?  My thoughts...
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Matthew Hooper

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A perspective every CIO should read
Here's my Big Idea post for 2015: "Multi-Speed IT".
This is my contribution to the development of this area:
Different teams will have different needs, different system structures, different culture especially acceptance of DevOps, different customers with different risk appetites. Any attempt to impose an A-or-B choice of lifecycle methodology on them is not much more helpful than trying to shoe-horn them all into one approach.

It is time we accepted flexibility in lifecycle design for IT changes. Instead of dictating how changes and releases must happen, we should set policy for the bounds in which they happen and the business rules that must be obeyed, and leave them to it.

#IT   #CIO   #devops   #agile  
Enterprises are wrestling with the conflicting needs to chase competitiveness in a world of endlessly changing technology, whilst still remaining mindful and careful. In IT we are caught in the same bind. I have written about this squeeze before in "To Protect and Serve".
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