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Matthew Hiller
Software Engineer, Dad, and Bicycle Adventurer
Software Engineer, Dad, and Bicycle Adventurer

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We had a good experience with these saddle loops on our Jersey/Delaware Shore tour in April. This was on Ting's bike, and she had no problems managing the handling with the bag installed.

Of course, I've gotten a Cambium C17 since then which I really love (did my century Saturday, metric Sunday weekend on it) and now Ting wants one too. Which may make the add-on saddle loops redundant...

This weekend:

We did a family ride up to the High Bridge on Saturday, which just reopened as a pedestrian and bike crossing between University Heights (Bronx) and Washington Heights (Manhattan).

Today we went to the Queens Museum, and naturally enough went looking for the High Bridge in the New York City Panorama. (It was there. :)

I just now got to thinking: the Panorama was built for the 1964/65 World's Fair. Which predates the High Bridge's 45-year closure. At the time, the original High Bridge ped path was still open.

Mind == blown

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Venting steam release in front of the Broadway traffic light. Very NY atmospheric.

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I'm just amused that there's a segment in Central Park called "Horse Shit Climb", which prompted someone to go into the segment editor to say, effectively, "No, no, no, that's not right. This is 'The REAL Horse Shit Climb".

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Shots taken on my hike yesterday from the top of Wildcat Peak in Tilden Park, to the north, south, east, and west. Also down to the plaque there, and a look back to Wildcat Peak from the paved trail leading back to the parking area. +Ting Chang​: I am taking you this way next time we are all in town. It was astonishing.

+faye steiner​
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Yikes! Gas explosion? +Ting Chang​

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Dragon selfie!

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Getting up to some snow construction in Riverside Park slightly before sunset.

We couldn't find a second acorn cap, so read the snowman's expression as a wink.
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Protest appears to be on Bowery now. They were on 6th midafternoonish. I tried to get a Santa broette in the foreground of one shot; it's just so incongruous...
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Dear +LegalZoom :

You wrote the following in a customer service email from October 22:

"Your Legal Advantage Plus membership has been canceled. We hope you were satisfied with the service and were able to take advantage of all your member benefits."

Oh, you mean the service that I was auto-opted-in to and specifically called to cancel within weeks after using LegalZoom to prepare a will? That I had to call to cancel because, cynically, you offer no online way to cancel it? The service that I have not logged in to once, or that you have even emailed me about once to remind me of its existence? The service that I only noticed was active by reviewing credit card transactions, and tracking them back historically? That I called my credit card company to charge back against you for recent months, and to block any further charges?

No, I was not satisfied with this service. As far as I'm concerned, LegalZoom, your business practices are deceptive, and this service can go die in a tire fire.
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