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I.....I don't even....

+Meanwhile On Facebook 
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Hey brah, the link is not working...
Oh to the video? It's just a screen cap.
Her stuff is set to private so I didn't get to actually see it. Just a blurry still shot. 
Seriously... Who makes a bet that if they lose they will fuck their dog? A dog fucker I guess. We all know this wasn't her first time...

Dog fucker.
This would be awesome to do to friends who leave their phone out. You would probably get murdered, but it'd be totally worth it. 
I guess it wasn't private holy shit. lol
Tim S
How can you download FB vids? I want to make a GIF! lol
There's Firefox addons for downloading flash video 
Tim S
I want to forget I ever saw that.
Noooooo this has Gotta be fake. Right? 
I can't. I'm on mobile and it says it's not there. 
Oh gross! Screw that shit I'm going to bed lol. Uh uh. 
Is that a troll account? I guess someone got mad that tampon girl was getting all the views.

Troll or not, she delivered....well her boxer did. 
Make the Gif and try to get it on what's hot lol
That's one lucky son of a bitch..bum dum tiss

But I'm sure someone has report her for animal abuse by now. 
Someone put the video somewhere else, I will never click a Facebook link
What dafuq did i just wach?? Why is my dick softer than a warm stick of butter?? 
I'm too lazy to make a login right now. lol
just click it and watch +Knuckles Goldberg shut the fuck up about not watching 

i just watched and i regret nothing. holy shit. 
Even Michael Vick is disgusted with this video.
He saw it from another source +Ben Zaitz . Lame, Fark won't let you post until you'be been a member for six hours. Video will probably be down by then. 
I'm surprised its been up this long
I'm waiting for somebody to upload it onto liveleak.
Wafaa H
I send the link to the video to a friend of mine as revenge because he sent me a link to a video where a dolphin training gave his dolphin a bj.
Unfortunately this link doesn't work anymore :( and my friend didn't get to see it. 
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