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Matthew Heap
With a new found love for all things design...
With a new found love for all things design...


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After some help please.

Code also at pastebin for better readability:

How can I get a reference to my main GUI form from the class that has been called by that form. From the snippets below, is this a correct way to have a GUI form updated by other classes etc… will I run into problems if I continue with this route?

For example:


public class Main {
public static void main(String[] args) {
// some standard setup, look and feel etc

OrderTracker orderTracker = OrderTracker.getInstance();

// some initial setup
// other routines

// create new instance of main GUI form, pass orderTracker instance
OrderTrackerMainForm orderTrackerMainForm = new OrderTrackerMainForm(orderTracker);



Singleton class, contains main routines for order tracker - eg obtains prefs, resources (labels etc),perform tasks on orders - eg progress status, update customer details etc…

public class OrderTracker {
public static volatile OrderTracker orderTrackerInstance = new OrderTracker();

// routine to set order in context - eg show details in order details form
// allow it to be worked on etc
public void setOrderInContext(int orderNumber) {
// orderNumber is received from SeachForm as expected
this.orderInContext = orderNumber)

// here is where I’d want to call a method to show the order details in the form
// how can I get a reference to OrderTrackerMainForm or it’s instance so I can 
// create the orderDetails panel?


public class OrderTrackerMainForm extends JFrame {
public OrderTrackerMainForm(final OrderTracker orderTracker) {
// standard routines to create menu, tool bars, action listeners, panels etc

class SearchAction implements ActionListener {
public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {
if (null == searchForm) {
                    searchForm = new SearchForm(orderTracker);
                } else {


searchToolBarButton.addActionListener(new SearchAction());


public class SearchForm extends JFrame {
public SearchForm(OrderTracker orderTracker) {
// shows search form, receives instance of orderTracker

// swing worker routines to query DB and return search results

// selecting a search result from the table should return user back to main form
// and show details

// action listener for double click action
private void passBackToOrderTracker(int orderReference) {

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Hi all, need help with Assetic and including images in CSS.

I'm using Dropzone.js which is located at:

Which contains:

The css references the spritemap by:
background-image: url("../images/spritemap.png");

Using assetic, I can dump all the js/css files but not the images.  I've tried cssrewrite but this isn't generating the correct file locations.

What am I missing, how can I get assetic to dump the image assets correctly?

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WHP <3
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