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Matthew Guay
Writer at @techinch. Marketer at @Zapier. Helping build @theletterapp. Brainstormer-in-Chief.
Writer at @techinch. Marketer at @Zapier. Helping build @theletterapp. Brainstormer-in-Chief.

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Hi everyone!

I'm new to this group after +Jean-Rémi Delteil recommend I join—and I thought you might like the new free eBook the +Zapier team has just published: The Ultimate Guide to Google Sheets.

It walks you through spreadsheet basics in detailed tutorials, digs into all of Google Forms and Quizzes features, and lists dozens of great add-ons to add extra features to your spreadsheets. And, it shows how to build your own apps and add-ons inside spreadsheets.

Enjoy, and let us know any feedback you have!

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Hi everyone—I'm a writer on the +Zapier team, and we've just published a new free eBook on Google Sheets: The Ultimate Guide to Google Sheets.

It starts at the basics, with core spreadsheet and Forms features—including details about the new Google Quizzes. Then, it shows how to build your own apps with Sheets, and the best add-ons including +Faustino Rodriguez' Mapping Sheets tool (and a number of the rest of your add-ons), and wraps up with a guide to getting started with Apps Sheets

Thought you might like to see the book!

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Hate doing data entry for your CRM? Matthew Guay wrote the definitive guide for automating your CRM.

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My team at +Zapier loves the Chromecast, and we just put together a post of some great ways to use it in business and education—and even referenced a few of the use cases you've shared here (thanks!). Would love any other ideas you have and would like to share on using the Chromecast productively.

So, I haven't posted on my personal Google+ account in 1.4 years. Long time no see. Are you guys still using it?

You might wanna follow me on Twitter ( or ( as I post there far more often.

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Here, at long last, is our official Web.AppStorm page on Google+ Now, how many followers can we get today?

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Be sure to check out Envato's Graphics Designer Bundle ... tons of design goodness for just $20

Please be praying for my friend Raht's 4 year old nephew Nie today. He's having surgery to remove a tumor from his liver. He's already been taken back, and the surgery should begin in a few minutes. It'll take 4 hours or so, and a week of recovery. Pray for his healing, and full recovery!

What Web App Developers Can Learn From Steve Jobs: my article on today's news, and the inspiration we can get from Jobs:
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