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A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Your Law Firm's Domain Name

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I love you New Orleans 

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"What we want to make clear here is that FindLaw’s SEO process is fundamentally flawed. Stuffing keywords, creating pages with no real value, optimizing for multiple locations, writing blog posts about horrible accidents – these tactics simply don’t work in 2015. $5,000 per month is a lot to pay for a process that doesn’t work."

+Matthew Green 

And yet, they're probably still the "market-leader" in #lawyer  web marketing:

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5 Steps to Better Lawyer SEO in 2015

Here are the 5 steps, if you don't have time to read the post:

Step 1: Define your website’s purpose
Step 2: Change your website so that it serves that purpose
Step 3: Stop trying to do everything
Step 4: Stop trying to be everywhere
Step 5: Identify what works and do more of it

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New tactical SEO post for lawyers:

Using Subdomains to Target Local Search Queries

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Lately I've been thinking a lot about the concept of a "business card" website. 

Most law firm websites fit this bill. They are pretty and tell people what the firm does and how to contact it.

But the sites that rank and get all the traffic, the ones we all call "authoritative brands", those sites help the consumer with a problem. They fill a need. They invest seriously in the quality of their website and it's contents. They also...

Provide countless articles on legal topics
Curate legal resources 
Create helpful videos and simple tools
Make their purpose clear

To determine whether you not you have a "business card" website, ask yourself this one simple question:

If my business didn't exist, would my website still be useful?

I'm on a mission to ensure that anyone who is investing in SEO on a monthly basis does not do so if they have a "business card website". 

I am not positing that having a great business card website is a bad thing. But any on-going SEO that is being done on a business card website will likely be low-quality and produce only temporary and inconsistent results. BUSINESS CARD WEBSITES DON'T GET NATURAL LINKS

Hope to hear questions/comments/feedback, particularly if you disagree :)

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Enough excuses. Lawyer websites don't have to suck.

This site has natural links from 91 domains. It's easy to build links to sites like this because it's a resource.

Does your website help people like this one does? Probably not.

As legal marketers, we need to step up our game. As lawyers, you need to demand that your site be a resource, not an obnoxious business card.

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*Is your law firm website nothing more than a really expensive business card?"
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