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What the hell does Mitt Romney know about the middle class or "small-town dreams", anyway? Did he listen to old Bruce Springsteen albums or something? Or these just words his speechwriters put in his mouth?
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the guys a douche. he doesn't know his ass from a hole int he ground.
Look in the dictionary under "disingenuous" and you'll find a photo of Romney.

Edit: to correct my mispelling of disengenuous. Thanks to Rob Smith...
Look up disingenous in the dictionary and you'll not find a word.
Lol +Rob Smith . I typed in to google and it was right there. Of course I spelled it correctly this time!
I would love to hear what Romney thinks the middle class is.
I'd be curious to know when Romney last mowed his own yard or pumped his own gas or bought anything on credit. I agree he has no clue because he was born with a silver foot in his mouth...

Update: heh, I was quoting one of my favorite Texas politicians Ann Richards with the 'silver foot' statement, then I found this - Mitt Romney Biography - Born With A Silver Foot In His Mouth - so guess I'm not the only one who sees this.
Middle class: People who are supposed to loan their kids $25K to start a business after paying their way through college because Mitt supports NO student loans/grants and sets up one of those 90% failures of small businesses. Too bad that Bush's inept handling of the economy left those people with an underwater mortgage or no home at all. That's what he seems to be saying so far. 
It's just like when Romney told the audience at his Solyndra speech that President Obama was out of touch with ordinary people.Then he climbed on board his remodeled helicopter and flew to his stables to make sure his Olympic dancing horse was okay and needed anything.I wonder how many people in general know what "dressage" is? It's dancing horses.Gotta get me one of them!
+James Buchanan I have to defend dressage. It's not dancing, although the agility and grace is certainly equal to dancing. Let's just say they don't "hoof it." Mitt seems to be delivering more horse manure than the show horse, and he (Mitt) certainly tries to tap dance his way around the truth.
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